10 Healthy Good Habits To Teach A Baby


Babies learn various things by observing their parents or guardians. They develop their language, accent, and learn the names of the different objects by listening to how you say or pronounce it. So as your baby grows and starts to learn new things, or when trying to mimic you, a thought might come in your mind on how to teach good habits to baby to become a better person. It is one of the common thought that comes in mind of each one of us because we want our baby to be a good person in adulthood and also follow good habits and etiquette. When your baby starts to understand things, it’s the time when you can explain to your baby what is right for them and what is not. But, moms, you’ll don’t have to worry anymore as in this article, I am going to discuss how you’ll can start teaching baby good habits.

Good Habits To Teach A Baby

1. Teach Baby To Brush Teeth

Teach Baby To Brush Teeth

Brushing teeth is a basic hygiene and a good habit that you can teach your baby. Bring your baby a small toothbrush and a baby-friendly toothpaste, and every morning make him brush his teeth. Tell him that brushing teeth every day will keep his teeth strong and clean. Sometimes babies learn on their own, as they observe you doing all these small things, but sometimes you need to explain how to do that particular task. So, while brushing the teeth, tell your baby that he has to move the brush forward and back to clean it. And if your baby doesn’t brush his teeth on his own, then you can tell your baby that if he doesn’t brush his teeth, then the germs will eat his teeth, and he will not be able to eat his favorite chocolate. Trust me, this is going to be fun for your baby, and he will love killing germs.

2. Teach Baby To Wash Hands

Teach Baby To Wash Hands

Hand wash is the other basic hygiene that you can teach your baby. Tell your baby the importance of washing his hands. Bring handwash for your toddler that is friendly for his skin. Teach him how to apply handwash or soap on his hands and scrub. As we know, babies play all around and get their hands dirty, so make a habit for your kids to wash their hands after they come home from the garden or before and after having meals or snacks. Try to tell your kids the importance of washing hands in a fun way that they will enjoy doing. Like you can say to them, germs stick to your hands when you play, and if you don’t wash them out, they will eat all your food, so you should wash your hands and remove them from their hands and from between your fingers so that you can enjoy your yummy meal.

3. Teach Baby To Eat Healthy

Teach Baby To Eat Healthy

As we all know, having a proper diet helps us to be strong and healthy. That’s why from the start you should tell your baby what type of foods are good for his health and which food will harm his health. It will be best if you always planned a healthy eating diet for your kid, and also tell how each meal will make him healthy and help to prevent illness. Dietary habits in children are not from the beginning, though your baby might observe what you eat or drink, and your baby even watches you eating junk food in the cafe or restaurants. But, you should teach him what healthy food he has to eat in the morning for breakfast and meals.

4. Teach Baby To Drink Water

Teach Baby To Drink Water

If your baby is six months or older, you should make him a habit of drinking water every half an hour to keep him hydrated. But, make sure that you give your baby normal water and not the cold one. Also, there are various water feeding bottles available in the market with straws or nipples on it, so you can opt for the best for your baby. If it’s cold, you can boil the water, and once it cools down, you can fill it in your baby’s water bottle for drinking.

5. Read Books With Your Baby

Teach Baby To Read Books

Reading is also one good habit that you can teach your baby. You should take out some time in a day to read with your baby. Select the book that your baby will enjoy; for example, if your baby likes a lion or a fish, try to read the books that have them. One more advantage of reading is that it helps to build your baby’s vocabulary, and also, he gets to learn the name of the different objects. Baby’s are very fond of colors and therefore like to play around colorful things. You can bring him such books so that he will enjoy those and build his learning skills.

6. Teach Baby To Listen to Music

Teach Baby To Listen Music

Music can make you feel calm and relax. You can put on the music which your baby enjoys. Doing this will make your baby enjoy the music, and for a change, you can turn on the party music or songs and dance with your baby. And slowly you will be surprised to see your little ones moves on such party songs. You can also put on the baby rhymes with a volume up so that your baby can try to learn the rhythm of those rhymes and sing it in his tone as we all know that at the initial stage, babies babble and so if you find your child babbling when the rhymes or on, then its a good news that your baby is enjoying it and so trying to sing it as well.

7. Take Your Baby Outside

Take Baby For Walk

One way of keeping your child active is by taking him out of the house. Make it a habit to take your baby out of the house for at least half an hour. You can take him for a walk in the street, in the garden, or visit your friends. The more you take your baby out, the more he will be able to know the outside world as well as be active. Babies usually observe what is going on around them, so if you take your baby out for a while, then he can look around a beautiful nature, the flowers, birds, children playing around, vehicles, and much more. It will make your baby aware of the outside world.

8. Teach Baby To Be Social

Teach Baby To Be Social

Being social is also one of the habits that we have to teach our baby from the time they understand things. When you take your baby out or introduce your friends, then teach him to greet them. Teach him to share his stuff with the other peers. You can plan play dates for your baby to play together and learn new things from the other kids. We know, babies usually don’t give their favorite toy to anyone, but this is what you have to change. It will help if you teach him that sharing things and playing with others will help him make new friends.

9. Teach Baby To Try New Things

Teach Baby To Try New Things

Babies are new to this world, and so they might know how to do small tasks until and unless we teach them. So every day during his playtime, you can help your baby to experience new things. You can give your baby blocks to build, crayon for coloring, you can throw a ball and tell him to chase it. Your baby will enjoy these new things and be ready to learn new things in day-to-day life. If your baby has a sibling, then you can make them both do the same activities so that your baby can learn from his or her brother or sister to master that skill. Babies are usually very versatile, and so can adapt and learn quickly whatever is thought to them. By doing various activities, you can also know in which skill your baby is good at.

10. Teach Baby To Enjoy Life

Teach Baby To Enjoy Life

As we all know, babies are inspired by their parents, so it’s up to you how your portrait yourself in front of your baby. If you are always happy in front of your baby, he will learn to be happy in any situation and enjoy his life to the fullest. Your baby will also learn to deal with any situation in a positive way and not just keep worrying and getting depressed. Being happy in front of your baby helps him make sweet memories with the loved ones and his peers. Also, teach him to love and respect everyone, along with enjoying his life.


Babies are a reflection of us. So, it’s our responsibility to teach them good habits when they start to understand things. Yeah, I know it’s not possible to teach everything at the same time, but you can start by focusing on a single habit and then later on teaching other good habits one by one. I hope this post has helped you’ll in teaching good habits to your baby or kids.

If you know any other good habit, then do let us know in the comments section below.


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