10 Best Pregnancy Food Tips

Pregnancy Food Tips

Pregnancy is that phase of life that every mum wishes to cherish. During this phase, special attention must be given to your physical body as well as on the diet routine. A healthy diet during pregnancy is a must so you should eat from the variety of food groups to get all the essential nutrients that are required for the proper development of your baby. Many moms may be unaware of the diet plan they should follow unless their doctor suggests them and sometimes questions may come in your mind like what is the pregnancy healthy diet, how to keep healthy during pregnancy or how to stay healthy during pregnancy. So today I am going to share with you’ll some pregnancy food tips that every mother would love to follow in her day to day routine to remain healthy. 

Pregnancy Food Tips For Expecting Moms

1. Never miss your breakfast

Never Miss Breakfast

Breakfast for pregnant women is essential as it gives you the energy to start the day with active and fresh mood and also makes it easy to intake all the valuable nutrients that are beneficial for you and your baby.

You can eat food like whole-wheat toast with jam, cereals rich in calcium, and natural yogurt when pregnant. If you are sick or don’t feel like eating anything, then at least eat a slice of bread and later you can eat other items that you want.

2. Eat fiber-rich food

Fiber Rich Food

Eating fiber-rich food is beneficial for all pregnant women as it improves digestive health.

The dietary reference intake of fiber for women should be 28 grams. There are a variety of vegetables and fruits like bananas, melons, carrots and cooked beans, etc that can be consumed daily. Hence eating healthy during pregnancy is a must for the proper development of the baby.

There are various benefits of eating fiber, such as:

  • It helps to keep the weight under control.
  • It helps to prevent constipation.
  • It helps to regulate blood sugar during pregnancy.
  • It helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

These were some of the benefits of eating fiber.

3. Eat healthy snacks

Healthy Snacks For Pregnant Woman

Yeah I know you may feel starving at any time during the pregnancy as you eat for two but, make sure to eat only healthy snacks during pregnancy that can provide essential nutrients to the body and not the junk food that is too oily and contains fats in large amount as you need to consume 300 calories daily and if you are having twins then you need 500 calories.

You can eat snacks like:

i. Small apple
ii. A cup of milk
iii. 2 slices of whole-grain bread
iv. Medium banana

4. Eat Food Rich in Calcium

Calcium Rich Food

Calcium also plays a vital role in the development of bones and teeth of your baby, and as it is created from your bones, you should eat calcium-rich food which is considered as healthy food for pregnant women as your bones become healthy and doesn’t cause a problem of osteoporosis later.

Calcium-rich food are Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Tofu, Orange juice, fortified soy milk, almonds, broccoli.

There are various pregnancy foods to eat so you can also refer pregnancy diet chart month by month if you want to keep your baby healthy from the starting phase of this journey.

5. Increase the intake of fluid

Increase Liquid Intake

You must increase the level of water intake in a day so that you don’t face the constipation issue during the pregnancy. Also, one more benefit of drinking plenty of water is that it increases the volume of blood in the body that supplies oxygen and nutrients to both the baby and the mother.

You can also drink other beverages like the fruit juices if you want to try different liquid drinks, but it should be free from sodium.

6. Eat iron-rich food

Iron Rich Food

Consuming a sufficient amount of iron in a daily diet is a bit difficult during pregnancy, and hence it becomes critical for maintaining a regular oxygen supply to the baby for proper healthy development, growth and for preventing premature delivery. Make sure you include food items rich in iron in your daily diet, cook your food in iron pots, and you can also take a multivitamin that contains iron in it.

7. Limit the intake of fish

Limit eating sea food

Seafood like fish has a large amount of fats known as Omega 3 fats. It is beneficial for the development of the brain and vision of the baby. It is said that the baby whose mother has consumed an ample amount of Omega-3 fats develops a high-level IQ in their later life and those who haven’t consumed omega 3 fats result in the slow development of their IQ.

Also, the fish contains mercury which is toxic and can cause damage to the nervous system. So during pregnancy, it is suggested to consume only 12 ounces a week.

8. Limit the intake of caffeine

Limit Intake of Caffeine

During pregnancy limit, the intake of caffeine as drinking coffee frequently can lead to miscarriage and may also sometimes harm the baby in the womb, so it is better to avoid drinking coffee. You should drink only 200mg of instant coffee in a day.

You can reduce the intake of caffeine by

i. Drinking decaf coffee and tea
ii. Consumption of other liquid juices and water
iii. Avoiding sports drinks containing caffeine.
iv. Avoiding energy drinks that contain a high amount of caffeine.

9. Eat Fruits

Fruits for Pregnant Women

Healthy fruits for pregnant moms are the primary source of vitamins, as it can supply all the essential vitamins required for the development of the baby. You should eat fruits daily be it for breakfast or as snacks. One of the best fruit to eat when pregnant is Banana, as Eating banana during pregnancy in the first trimester is beneficial for the baby’s brain and nerve development and it contains a lot of fiber, potassium and essential minerals.

Fruits not to eat during pregnancy are Papaya and Dates as they can lead to miscarriage or the abnormal development of the fetus, uterine contractions, and bleeding.

10. Eat Nuts

Nuts For Pregnant Women

Nuts are good and healthy snacks in pregnancy as they are a great source of protein and healthy fats. So, it’s suggested to eat nuts in the snack time or during breakfast as it helps in the baby’s development. The best nuts that can be consumed during the pregnancy are the almonds, peanuts, and walnuts. You can eat 4-5 nuts daily to give your baby a head start. Nuts are also considered as healthy pregnancy snacks.

Food To Avoid Eating When Pregnant

Here are some list of foods to avoid when pregnant.

  • Raw Meat
  • Papaya
  • Soft Cheese
  • High Mercury Fish
  • Raw Fish
  • Processed Junk Food
  • Alcohol
  • Raw Eggs
  • Caffeine
  • Unpasteurized Milk and Dairy Products
  • Animal Liver

Pregnancy Food Tips FAQ’s

Here are some answers to the questions that usually come in the mind of first time moms.

  • What food to eat in pregnancy?

Eating food rich in fiber, vitamins, calcium and folic acid is beneficial for the proper development and growth of the baby.

  • What are the fruits to avoid during pregnancy?

Fruits like banana and dates should not be consumed during pregnancy as they can cause miscarriage.

  • What precaution to be taken during pregnancy?

Maintaining a balanced diet in pregnancy is good, but if you have an allergy from eating any fruit then you should avoid eating it as well as inform your doctor about it. Also, take the medications given by the doctor at proper time and do not miss a single dosage of it.

  • What not to eat and drink when pregnant?

Avoid eating food like the papaya, dates, fish with high amount of mercury that produces heat in the womb. Also, caffeine and drinks containing lots of sugar must be avoided.

  • What should a pregnant woman eat for breakfast?

You can eat whole grain bread, cereals, nuts and yogurt for breakfast. Also, you can have the fruit juice to stay hydrated.

  • What should a pregnant woman eat for lunch?

Try to intake as many nutrients as you can like fiber, calcium, vitamins, minerals and folic acid as you need to consume 300 calories daily.

  • What to do during pregnancy to have a healthy baby?

For a healthy pregnancy, you must have a balanced diet as well as do some physical exercise like yoga to strengthen the pelvic muscle. This will help you and your baby to remain strong.

  • Why is it important to have a healthy diet?

A healthy diet is very essential in pregnancy as in every month the body parts of the baby develop and so for its proper growth intake of healthy food is very important.

  • What causes headaches during pregnancy?

During the first trimester, the increase in the blood volume and the changes in the hormones causes headache.

  • What can you take for a headache when pregnant?

During pregnancy, it is better to ask a doctor for the medication instead of taking on your own.

  • Which dry fruit is good during pregnancy?

As nuts are a great source of protein, so you can eat almonds, walnuts and peanuts in the pregnancy.

  • Why is proper nutrition important for mothers and babies?

Proper nutrition is required for both because if the mother doesn’t eat a proper well-balanced diet with essential nutrients then there are chances that the baby will be born with the defects due to improper growth and development.

  • What should women consume in abundance throughout pregnancy?

During pregnancy consuming whole grains, fruits and vegetables are very beneficial for the proper development and remaining healthy.

  • Which is the best way to ensure you are receiving the best possible nutrition?

To ensure proper diet, consume fruits vegetables and food with a good amount of nutrients and avoiding the intake of sugary drinks and caffeine.

Pregnancy Food Tips Conclusion

As pregnancy is the phase of life that every woman loves to live. So to keep your baby fit and healthy you must eat the best foods during pregnancy so that your baby gets all the essential nutrients required. These are some healthy pregnancy food tips that you can follow at your pregnancy phase. I hope you’ll found it helpful.


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