25 Ways To Build Confidence In Kids

How To Build Confidence in Toddlers

When your baby starts to grow, he learns various things. Sometimes he tries himself, and sometimes he will try to imitate you to perform that task or activity. This is the time when you will have to encourage your child and help him to build confidence. Building confidence at younger age shapes your child’s personality with the flow of time. So, as a responsible parent, you have to figure out how to build confidence in toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children.

If your child is confident, he can quickly deal with shaky emotions, responsibility, frustration, depression, peer pressure, and obstacles. Confidence plays a huge role in framing your child’s future happiness, inner peace, and success. Confidence comes from discipline, and the moment you believe in yourself and your abilities.

As a parent, you must develop some key factors to help your kids to build confidence. Not only parents but teachers also play a massive role in shaping a child’s confidence. But to guide your kid in an appropriate direction, you must endorse some practical strategies to boost up his confidence.

Effective Ways To Build Confidence in Kids

  1. Appreciate efforts no matter if they win or lose –You must remember that the journey should be more considerable than ultimate achievement. If your child does not succeed in some cases, you still have to appreciate his effort irrespective of the ultimate results. An appreciation from you will encourage your kid and help him to overcome the depression of loss. Your tone and way of communicating things will matter a lot to build his personality and confidence. Encourage your kid for his efforts, appreciate him for his bravery, and let him feel capable of doing good things.
  2. Assign small jobs –As a parent, you must know how to build confidence in toddlers. Children like to stay engaged and seek attention from you. Keep on assigning him small tasks to do like playing with the ball, run and touch the wall, sitting on the mattress, collecting toys. Not only while your kid is a toddler, but also, you must give attention to your kid in his forthcoming age groups too. You should always assign age-appropriate tasks to your kids.
  3. Allow to develop skills –A skilled person always has some advantages over other non-skilled persons. So, make sure that your kid is developing some skills in his field of choice. Avoid assigning things that seem like a burden to him. Bedside studies encourage him to develop other skills too. In today’s rat race, developing skills matter a lot, including being an expert in extra-curricular activities, acting smartly, being fluent and confident while speaking, etc.
  4. Spend quality time together –Nowadays, most of you have a hectic schedule due to your jobs. Your kids crave for your presence, and at the end of the day, they deserve some quality time to spend with you. So, it is highly advisable to manage at least a couple of hours to spend with your kids. ‘Spending time’ does not mean that you just have to be with him. Instead, you should have a joyful conversation, play indoor games, or simply watch TV together. On weekends, spend some more time, play outdoor games, or have a short trip together. Spending time together and boosting your child’s self-esteem will improve bonding between you and your kid.

    Child Self-Esteem Activities

  5. Build up a positive attitude and environment-A positive mindset will help your kid to recognize and sense his strength and worthiness. Not only positive vibes but also you should surround your kid with supportive people.
  6. Love them unconditionally –Tell your kid that you will always love him no matter what happens. Assure an unconditional love to him without expecting something in return. Love, attention, and care always convey a positive attitude on your kid’s confidence.
  7. Always say ‘I believe in you’ –Moral support matters a lot for being optimistic and building self-confidence since childhood. As a parent, you should always tell your kid that you believe in him and always have your back.
  8. Talk –Sometimes, the absence of conversation creates a void between you and your child. You must talk to him daily, as regular interaction will shape a bridge between both of you. You should speak to him and ask him what all things are going on in his life, whether he is mentally happy or not, how studies are going on, etc. Sometimes your child is shy, so you should also know how to make your shy child confident. One-on-one verbal interaction is one of the best ways to communicate with your kids. Sometimes, your kid will feel afraid, get stuck in something, and hesitate to confess a dilemma. In that case, make yourself available for your child, talk to him, tell him to open up and share the difficulties he is facing off. Willingly and voluntarily offer your support and assure him that you are always there to help him.
  9. Avoid giving undivided attention –Your kid will prefer undivided attention over divided attention. He will only open up when he feels that you are giving time and attention to him. ‘The feeling of being important’ comes from uninterrupted attention and unconditional love. If you give undivided attention to your child, he will feel that he is important to you. No matter if you are giving half an hour or one hour, make sure that you provide constant attention to your kid.
  10. Appreciate and make him feel that he is worthy of good things –Tell your kid that he should embrace and accept the way he is, including his imperfections and vulnerabilities. Always appreciate and uplift him. Make him realize that he can do everything, which will undoubtedly bring the best version out. Motivate and assist him in his academics, and encourage him to become optimistic.
  11. Allow him to nurture his interest, hobbies, and passion –Having an ambition is good but do not be over-ambitious about your kid’s future. Because it will oppress your kid’s mental health. The study is just a part of life, not the whole part of it. Every kid has an interest or hobby or passion apart from studies. Every day, let your kid spend some time nurturing his hobbies or interests, and doing whatever he feels like reading storybooks, watching cartoons, drawing, or simply walking around your house’s backyard. This will help to be stress-free and will improve his mental health.
  12. Stop comparing your kid with others –No one is perfect. Don’t let him feel disheartened or low. Make him realize that making mistakes and learning from it is a part of life. Likewise, imperfection is also just a fraction of life, and every one is unique. Comparison gives rise to the feeling of inferiority, and your kid will start to feel low and begin to realize that he is not capable of good things. Comparison kills the sprouts of confidence in your kids, therefore accept and appreciate your kid the way he is.
  13. Hug and take care of him –Hugging for no reason makes your kid to realize that he means a lot in your life. It shows that you care about him, and his presence makes you feel happy.
  14. Interfere less and guide more –Sometimes children misbehave and answer ruthlessly. Instead of scolding back, try to console him and start to dig the actual reason for his behavior. Be the light in his life and show him the correct path. Always remember, the worse he feels, the worse he will behave. Keep in mind that behavior is communication, so try to encode his communication and help him survive the situation.
  15. Be proud –At times, tell your kid that YOU FEEL PROUD of him and appreciate his creativity. Let your kid overhear that you feel proud of him, as it makes your kid optimistic and confident. It also showcases that your kid means a lot in your life.

    Confidence Building Activities For Kids

  16. Allow to engage in self-esteem activities –Self-esteem activities contribute a lot in developing your kids’ confidence. Experience and mistakes are excellent guides, therefore all your kid to perform or engage himself in self-esteem activities and let him discover the loopholes and weaknesses by himself, which are resisting him to build self-confidence. Activities like planning and packing for a trip, engaging in household chores, making things clean and organized will help him build confidence.
  17. Encourage to participate more –Discover the most meticulous and comprehensive confidence-building activities for kids. To build confidence in your kid, you have to encourage him to participate in different indoor and outdoor activities. Please make yourself available for your kid and motivate him to do random stuff.
  18. Engage in their play and allow them to play outdoor games –Playing games, especially outdoor games, upgrade your kids’ physical and mental health. With that, it helps your kid to socialize with others. Instead of making him always stick to his study table, encourage him to go outside and play with other children. Playing games is one of the confidence-building activities for kids.
  19. Allow him to interact with people-Interacting with people is a wonderful way of building confidence in kids. It will be beneficial if you allow your kid to interact with more people, as it will positively impact his social and professional life.
  20. Trust and keep faith in his words-Your kid deserves your trust. Don’t bring trust issues between you and your kid. Trust is the pillar of building relationships, so shower your kid with love, care, and trust and let him feel that he is the most important part of your life.
  21. Don’t punish –Giving punishments give rise to several bitter feelings in your kid’s mind. Punishment can never be the ultimate way of resolving arguments. Talk to him and let him confess what trouble he faces and support him to overpower the dilemmas.
  22. Let him overhear that you are praising him –Every child craves to hear that he is important, special, talented, and unique in his way. Let your kid overhear that he means a lot to you, and you care a lot about him.
  23. Be affectionate –Affection, unconditional love, and care are the most delicate things that your kid always deserves. Sometimes, your kid is shy and hesitates to confess certain things. You should know how to make your shy child confident. Affection, interaction, one-on-one discussion, and spending quality time will help your shy child to gain confidence.
  24. Help him improve his mental health- Allow your kid to practice meditation, sleep, rest well, and avoid procrastination and multitasking. Feed him nutritious food and make him drink plenty of water. Adequate sleep and rest will make your kid mentally healthy.
  25. Narrate stories –It is one of the important confidence-building activities for kids. Narrating stories help to commence a conversation and communicate feelings with others. Start sharing stories from your part and let your kid tell his stories and what’s happening in his life. Share your part of stories when you met obstacles, learned from it, and completed your goal. Be their friend first, then a parent.


Children quickly adapt to new skills and environment. With the progression in their age, you have to figure out numerous ways to build confidence in them. I hope this article has given you few ideas and helped you out in building your kid’s confidence.

If you know any other way n which you can build your kid’s confidence, then share it with other moms in the comment section below.


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