Baby Rashes Causes and Treatment

How To Prevent Baby Neck Rashes

Baby rashes are a common problem that your young one will have. As the skin of little infants is very delicate and sensitive, so you need to take proper care of your baby’s skin as it is more prone to rashes especially in the area of the folding parts like knees, neck, elbows, and thighs. New moms usually panic, even if their baby feels a bit uncomfortable.

Yeah, I can understand that it is a usual behavior as every mom care for her toddler and always want to see them fit and healthy. So, today I am going to share with you some baby rash home remedies, as they mostly occur on the baby’s skin, in the early stage but before that let’s take a look at the causes of such rashes. 

How To Prevent Baby Neck Rashes

Baby Rashes Causes In Infants

  • Heat

Baby gets heat rash easily in summer due to the extreme heat of the sun. These are small, tiny red itchy bumps that cause irritation to the sensitive skin of the babies and may appear on any part of the body.

  • Stork bites

These are the small pink spots that appear on the baby’s neck at the time of their birth. These are not rashes, but the clotting of the blood vessels in one region of the skin’s dermal layer. These spots don’t require any treatment, as they vanish on their own.

  • Fungal Infection

Fungal infection in the baby’s neck mostly occurs on the folding parts of the body due to the excess moisture and sweat, which becomes a thriving ground for Candida.

Home Remedies To Treat Neck Rash

First, let me tell you what exactly is the baby rash. It is the red, flat, or raised rash that usually occurs on the folding parts of the baby’s skin. It can vary from prickly heat to skin infections caused by fungus. Take a look at the below remedies as it is suitable for all skin type and also will not harm your baby’s skin.

1. Wear loose cotton clothes

Causes Of Skin Rashes In Infants

Always dress your baby in loose cotton clothes so that air can easily pass through your baby’s body, making them feel relaxed. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes as this can irritate your baby’s skin, and sometimes it might become difficult for them to make the movements. The benefit of wearing loose clothes is that it helps to reduce the formation of sweat in the folding body parts that prevent rashes.

2. Cornstarch for baby neck rash

Cornstarch For Baby Neck Rash

The sprinkling of cornstarch on the rashes after the bath or before going out of the home will keep your baby’s skin dry and moist-free. It also works as a soother for skin irritations like sunburns and allergies. You can also create a paste by mixing cornstarch with water and make sure that the consistency is like peanut butter. Apply the paste on the rashes and let it dry. You can apply it during your baby’s bedtime, as this can give enough time for the mixture to work.

3. Use Oats for neck rashes

Fungal Infection In Baby's Neck

Oatmeals are useful for soothing the skin with their inflammatory properties and prevents skin rashes and irritations. Giving your baby an oatmeal bath helps to vanish all the skin irritations. You can soak the oatmeals for 20 mins in a bathtub and bathe your baby with that water to treat the rashes also you can make a paste and apply on the infected area.

4. Use Ice to soothe the rashes

How To Prevent Baby Neck Rashes

You can apply the ice or ice-cold water to the affected areas to soothe the inflammation. Take cold water with ice mixed in a bowl and soak a clean cloth in it and place that cloth on the rashes for 5-10 mins. Once it’s done, then pat dry the area. You can repeat the procedure when needed.

5. Use boiled water for bathing baby

Baby Gets Heat Rash Easily

You should always bathe your baby with boiled or distilled water so that the water containing harmful microorganisms doesn’t cause any harm to the your baby like any skin infection or skin irritation. For soothing your baby’s skin, you can also add a cup of oatmeal. Also, keep a specific time to bathe your baby, but it should not be quickly after feeding as it can cause vomiting.

6. Massage with coconut oil

Causes Of Skin Rashes In Infants

Massaging your baby with coconut oil can keep their skin healthy, moisturize, and also free from any type of infection. You can also massage your baby twice a day for soft and clean skin. Applying coconut oil directly on the rashes can give you better results by reducing inflammation and itchiness.

7. Use baby talcum powder

Baby Rashes Causes And Treatment

After bathing your infant, always apply talcum baby powder on the fold of the neck and other parts of the body so that that area can remain dry and doesn’t accumulate sweat and causes rashes or infection.

How to prevent baby rashes on the neck?

As it is said that, prevention is better than cure then why not take care of the baby’s skin at earlier and prevent the rashes from occurring on the skin. Below are some ways which you can follow in your daily routine to prevent these skin rashes from occurring.

  • Always bathe your baby regularly so that proper hygiene is maintained.
  • Always wear your baby loose cotton clothes so that pass the air and prevent the sweat from developing on the folds.
  • After bathing, apply some baby powder on the folds of the body so that the region can remain dry for long hours.
  • During winter cover the baby’s body with woolen clothes but make sure that wool doesn’t touch the skin as this can irritate your toddler’s skin.
  • After feeding your baby wipe the neck because sometimes milk dribbles down on the folds of the neck and remains there for long giving a boost to the bacteria’s to grow there.
  • Give vaccinations to your toddler at the proper time so that any skin infections can be avoided in the future.
  • Use products that are specifically designed for baby, as it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.
  • Do not let any ill person kiss your baby, as the skin of the infant is very sensitive and more prone to infections.
  • Cover your baby with full sleeves clothes before taking them outside the home.

When to call the doctor?

Your baby’s skin is very delicate and needs proper care and grooming to keep away from skin infections and rashes. However, rashes on the baby’s skin disappear on their own, but if it’s getting redder, cracked, or weepy or if it doesn’t show any improvement after applying the home remedies or neck rash cream, then you should consult the pediatrician for baby skin rashes treatment.

These were some of the best home remedies for drool rash that can you do to prevent such baby rashes on neck and keep him away from all types of skin infections.



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