Boost Baby’s Brain Power with Play – Guest Post


During the baby’s birth, their brain contains 100 billion neurons, and in the first year, babies will grow trillions of brain-cell connections, called neural synapses. But, still, they are fully dependent on us for everything, such as moving, babbling, and even feeding themself.

Playing is not only fun for your baby, but it’s too good for brain development. During this period, playtime helps to link these cells and form the connections that impact their emotion, behavior, and thinking. Some activities will help nurture the baby’s growth and help you connect too. Some Best Educational Toys for Kids are also available online, which helps in increasing their brainpower.

Activities To Do With Your Kids To Improve Cognitive Skills

Enrich your cute one’s educational experience as it develops by these few tips and tricks:

1) Blow Bubbles: Play with this blowing bubble kit, try to guide your kid to follow the bubble as they float away, catch them with their hands and try to pop them with their fingers, your knee, your elbow, or your nose!. It is fascinating for the kids and also includes physical activity. Blowing bubbles engages toddlers in experimentation and play with purpose. It brings fun, engagement, and excitement to the kids, creating curiosity and learning.

It also shows the visual tracking skills of the kids, where some are fast, and some are slow. It is an ability to control your eye movements when following objects.

Why is it important?

It helps in a child’s body awareness and cognitive skill development, which you can see and monitor and try to improve by playing with more educational toys. Playing with bubbles is always beneficial for kids and your little ones. According to their age, they can get more involved by popping them.

2) Sing Songs and Listen to Music: Listening and singing different songs in front of your baby involves actions that will affect and help with hand-eye coordination and sensory development of your little ones.

Being a good learner and a good listener are among the essential qualities in all home and school activities. Always ask your kid to hear what someone is saying so that he can respond quickly. It increases and develops the sensory skills of the kid.

3) Play With Flash Cards: Different types of flashcard games help your baby identify the colors, numbers, alphabets, etc. You can also create your own flashcard with different colors, pictures, and names of your family members. Also, it needs images to explain ideas, prefer pictures over words, which increases their confidence to identify them quickly, develop good and effective communication, and enhance creativity.

Playing with flashcards for more time is too beneficial for little kids in many ways. It increases their self-confidence, thinking ability, language skills, ability to compose stories, and awareness of the world around them.

4) Educational Toys- You must always play with the educational toys with your little ones. It helps increase catching power and sensory development, which helps link their cells. These toys are better than the other toys, which do not help to boost the kid’s brainpower.

It mainly teaches them about conflict resolution, developing their skills, and sharing and caring for others. Educational toys are available according to their age range with their different benefits.

5) Enjoy “Smart” Toys – Attractive and kiddo-friendly toys like tablets or readers are smart and helpful toys that increase the reading ability and boost the children’s language.

During playing with smart toys, children develop their perception and reasoning too. It helps children in building up their thoughts while they are building conversations. Most puzzles or quizzes are the type of smart toys that helps kids and babies to develop the ability of thinking and problem-solving, which sharpen their minds. Most of the kids create their new whole world around their toy while playing, which encourages them to imagine and make it more interesting to play with these “smart toys”.

Problem-solving puzzles and quizzes are among the best smart and attractive games for kids. With the help of these games, your kids are engaged as well, as they get the chance to boost their brain in a piece of time.

6) Build with Blocks- This building with blocks activity encourages them to play with their siblings and develop team-building skills. Also, it helps kids learn to take turns and share materials with each other which means sharing and developing new friendships, increasing the attention span, and cooperating with others. While building blocks, your little ones will be developing in all the areas. Mathematical concepts and skills are also practiced through block play, such as number, length, measurement, symmetry, balance, and comparison.

Here are a few points that kids learn through block play:

1) Self-expression

2) Imagination

3) Problem Solving

4) Mathematics

5) Continuity and permanence

6) Creativity

7) Science

8) Social and emotional growth.

7) Play games that involve hands- Such types of games that include the hands while playing are more beneficial for the kids for their physical activity. Activities like patty-cake, peekaboo, Color, and Finger Paint, engage your kid and capture her attention, and it is excellent for hand-eye-coordination

Color and Finger Paints are also an interesting, creative, and boosting brain power game that involves their hands while doing this activity. Like spreading paint on the paper and letting your kid make patterns with their fingers and hands. Describe to your child what’s happening and the paint’s texture and colors. While doing such activities, you can listen or sing a song with your kid, which increases their listening and grasping power.

8) Read and discuss stories- These educational books and toys increase the engagement and imagination power of the kid. Hearing words increases the vocabulary listening skills, and also they start connecting the related objects in their brain. If there’s a dog or puppy in the story and a puppy in your home, point out that. That will affect the imagination of the kid.

Some related points which Boost the Brainpower of your kid.

  • Kids and children enjoy books and stories with good rhyme and rhythm.
  • Sometimes you can read the books, and sometimes you can show the pictures in the book, or you can relate the story with your cultural stories.
  • It will develop the brain, imagination, language, and emotions too.
  • You always try to read or share at least one story every day.

Educational toys can play an essential role in educating children while letting them enjoy them. Children learn by seeing faster rather than learning theoretical knowledge, and these educational toys are no less than an advantage for the little ones.


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