Brain Development Of The Baby


Baby’s brain continues to develop until a certain age, along with their physical development. You might have many questions like how your baby’s brain develops and how to stimulate or boost your baby’s brain development and many more. In this article, you will get to know everything related to your baby’s brain development.

Let me tell you, many factors impact the early brain development and health of your baby. Your love and behavior towards your baby, the surroundings, your baby’s personal experiences, diet, and nutrition play a significant role in developing the foundation of your baby’s brain. This foundation in later stage decides what kind of person your baby will be in adulthood. Before knowing the brain’s development in the baby, let’s look at some parts and functions of a human brain.

Different Parts Of The Brain And Its Functions

A human brain is made up of several different parts that control our hearing, talking, feeling, and problem-solving. All these parts are made up of millions of neurons & brain cells. These neurons communicate with each other by passing chemical messages to synapses. As more number of messages are created continuously, a pathway is formed, which acts as a brain’s wiring. These connections are developed at a faster pace during the early stage of development. So here you as a parent have a significant role in improving your baby’s brain. These brain connections are based on their daily experiences with you, other caregivers, and surrounding. These connections determine the future development of your baby’s brain.

Brain Development Of The Baby Until 12 Months

Your baby’s brain keeps developing from the time he is in your womb until his early adulthood. But your baby’s brain majorly develops till the age of 5. So let’s see how the brain development of the baby takes place at various stages.

Brain development of a baby in the womb. 

As you know, the baby’s brain starts developing in the womb, so in the first trimester, the nerve connections are built that help your baby to move in the womb. In the second trimester, more nerve connections and brain tissues are developed. And finally, in the third trimester, the cerebral cortex prepares your brain for future learning.

By the time your baby arrives in this world, he can hear and recognize your voice, and even he can see little.

Brain development of 1 month old baby

Brain Development of 1 Month Old Baby

This month, your baby starts to pay more attention to your movements. He may listen to you when you talk to him. Your baby may respond to you when you speak to him even though he doesn’t understand your language. Your baby may even start to focus on moving objects that are 3 feet away from him.

During these days, you may show him dark color objects so that he can come to know about the colors. Your baby’s eyes are sensitive to light colors, so they might not even notice such color objects. You can exaggerate your facial expressions to make your baby understand these and talk to you as much as possible. Make a habit of talking to him whenever possible, such as bathing, feeding, changing his diaper, or taking him out for a walk so that your baby can start to learn your language.

Brain development of 2 months old baby

Brain Development of 2 Months Old Baby

This month, your baby’s vision may become better, and he can start to recognize faces that are at a certain distance from him.

This month, you can try to spend as much time as possible in front of your baby, so that he can inspect your face. You can also show your family photos and talk to him about the same or while changing his diaper or feeding him so that he can understand your language and even interact with you in his way. When you take your baby out for a walk, instead of keeping him whole time in his stroller, you can hold him upright so that even he can what is happening around him and enjoy the moment. Also, why playing with your baby, you can imitate his facial expressions and make his favorite sound, so that he can feel that you are responding to all his actions in a caring and loving way. This helps him to develop his good self-esteem and make him feel that he is surrounded by positive people and is in a safe environment.

Brain development of 3 months old baby

Brain Development of 3 Months Old Baby

This month, your baby’s vision will become better than the previous month. Also, your baby will spend time playing with his hands by moving them and try to grasp the things that are in front of him. Your baby will also enjoy looking at his reflection in the mirror.

During these days, try to show your baby high contrast images every day as much as possible so that he can start focusing on objects. You can talk to your baby and respond to all his movements with care and love so that even he can try to speak to you, which can help him to understand your language. Initially, babies babble, and this is the initial stage where they try to say the words you teach them, and sometimes your baby might imitate you. They might not say it aloud, but babbling helps in the jaw development along with understanding the language. So, as your baby might enjoy playing with his hands in this month, try to tie the toys at the side or top of the crib so that he can improve his eye and hand coordination in attempting to reach the toys.

Brain development of 4 months old baby

Brain Development of 4 Months Old Baby

This month, your baby might improve his skills of grasping the things with one hand and also trying to transfer items from one hand to another. Your baby’s tone may improve as he will continuously try to babble, coo, laugh, and talk.

During this month, give your baby some toys so that he can try to reach out to it, but provide limited toys so that he can learn to focus on toys or objects. You have to be very careful and avoid keeping sharp, hot, and other dangerous objects in front of him or at a distance visible to his sight, as from this month onwards, your baby might be curious to hold or grasp the objects in front of him.

Also, as his vision keeps on improving each month, try to show him high-contrast images and talk to him to make him understand your language while also encouraging him to communicate to improve his jaw development.

Brain development of 5 months old baby

Brain Development of 5 Months Old Baby

This month, your baby will have good expertise in holding the things with one hand as the days pass, and his curiosity for grasping the nearby things also increases. Your baby will also be aware of the things that are in his surroundings and may try to get closer to it that attracts his eyes.

During this month, you can take your baby out for a walk and show him the surroundings as well as introduce him to the sound of various things, as this helps in brain development of the baby. Your baby will also enjoy the social aspects of meals, and it doesn’t matter if the meal is solid or in liquid form. He might play with his favorite toy or a napkin when you feed him. But make sure that any breakable or dangerous item is not near to your baby as he might grab anything that creates interest in him.

Brain development of 6 months old baby

Brain Development of 6 Months Old Baby

This month, your baby will be aware of his surroundings and might be vocal. He will be able to recognize his name and might also express his feelings, be it happy or sad, by making certain sounds.

During these days, when your baby is trying to reach any object in the surrounding or any body part, give them a name so that your baby comes to know that each object has a unique name, which will help him recognize the objects. Your baby might even start to pull your hairs, glasses, or other objects, but don’t panic as he is trying to explore everything around him. When you take your baby out in public or introduce him to your relatives or friends, try to be calm while talking to make your baby feel comfortable and think that the place is safe for him. Also, you can tell your guests not to pick your baby suddenly as he might not be comfortable in the first meet and requires time to warm up.

Brain development of 7 months old baby

Brain Development of 7 Months Old Baby

In this month, your baby might be able to make the sounds more clear, though it might require more one or two months to make that sound of ‘dada’ point to the right person. By this month, you will be able to recognize different sounds your baby makes when he is hungry, sad, tired, or happy.

During this month, you can name the objects while talking to your baby or show him any object. He might also love to explore the more things like pulling the clothes from the basket or other objects from the table drawer that is at a low height and many more. You can also teach your baby to mimic your actions so that he can get a better understanding of performing the tasks or activities in day to day life. There are various brain development baby toys that you can give so that he can explore so initially you can give him blocks and show him how to build it.

Brain development of 8 months old baby

Brain Development of 8 Months Old Baby

This month, your baby will be a little closer to pointing ‘dada’ to the right person, and this might take more on or two months. Your baby will start making clearer and recognizable sounds and will begin to understand your language better.

During these days, try to interact more with your baby and ask him questions and notice the gestures your baby makes as per his understanding. This will help you understand your baby’s needs and feelings better. The baby sign language tool will also be helpful to you if your baby is in the learning phase. You can read the books, talk to your baby, or put on the music so that all these will help your baby to learn & understand your language better. You can take your baby out for a walk or for playing in the park so that he can explore the world better. Also, if your baby becomes impatient, then do not panic, try to comfort him by making him sit on your lap and read books or rhymes for him. Also, to stretch your baby’s patience, try to give the things or toys at the count of 3 instead of directly giving it to your baby.

Brain development of 9 months old baby

Brain Development of 9 Months Old Baby

This month, your baby might try to utter new words and sometimes chatter some of the words and make sounds. He may make use of his body language to communicate with you. For e.g., when he puts his arms up towards you or pulls your pants, then he wants you to pick him up. Your baby will also try to learn the names of different objects and animals and try to imitate you.

During this month, try to talk to your baby now and then. Tell him what is currently happening around him or what is going to happen. Doing this will keep the baby informed about the scenario as well as your talks will help him in his language development. Keep your daily routines fixed so that your baby will come to know what to expect for the day. As your baby is now able to understand what’s going on around him, he might develop some sort of jealousy in him. Like he might become jealous when you play with other kids or while any other kid is playing with your baby’s favorite toy, but you have to be patient and calm your baby.

Brain development of 10 months old baby

Brain Development of 10 Months Old Baby

This month, your baby will know a few words and have some words in his arsenal. Your baby will explore as many sounds as he can from his mouth like the hisses, shrieks, shouts, and tongue clicks. He will also be able to recognize some words like the names of the objects or animals and even point out the objects he wants.

These days, you can read out stories to your baby and talk to him and respond to his sounds. Continually talking to a baby helps him to understand the words and your language, and so even he tries to say that word, which will improve his vocabulary in the long run. In this stage, your baby will have his own choice, so before reading books, you can ask your baby to choose his favorite book so that you can both enjoy the story. Also, in between, you can ask your baby to turn the pages so that he can learn to perform such small things.

Brain development of 11 months old baby

Brain Development of 11 Months Old Baby

This month, your baby will recognize and learn more new words and may even respond more to your talks. With time he might become fussy, clingy, and even express more about his emotions. Also, he will enjoy exploring new things.

You can offer your baby colorful objects or storybooks whose pages are not easy to tear during these days. Your baby might also turn around things hidden behind any objects, pull out stuff from the drawers that are at low heights, or remove all his toys from the basket. You can take your baby out in the garden so that he can play with his peers as well as learn different things from them. Taking your baby in the garden can help him to experience new things and also make him social. But, take care of him so that he doesn’t get hurt while playing.

Brain development of 12 months old baby

Brain Development of 12 Months Old Baby

At the end of this month, your baby will understand most of the things and can perform certain activities. But, you will have to keep on talking to your baby, tell him stories, help him to explore new things, and everything that will make him active physically and intellectually. He will be more expressive, which means he can laugh, cry, and become fussy or clingy, but you have to handle him with love and care as this will develop a trust between you both.

How to Encourage Brain Development Of The Baby

As we know for proper development, various factors are responsible, so the same applies to the brain. There are multiple ways to boost your baby’s brainpower, which will help him develop his intellectual and learning skills. Here are some factors that can help you to improve brain development of the baby.

Provide a safe environment

Your baby is fully dependent on you in the early stage. So you must take proper care of him and provide him a safe environment. Whenever you take him out, make sure you don’t leave him alone, even for a second, and also don’t inform your friends or relatives not to directly pick your baby as he might not be ready for anyone else taking him and requires some time.

Respond to your baby

Your baby loves listening to your talks, so you can talk to him whenever you are feeding him, changing his diaper or playing with him, and also you can read out the stories books to your baby. Doing all these will help your baby to learn your language as well as learn new words which will improve is vocabulary. As you know, your baby can’t speak, so he might express his feeling with a smile when he is happy or cry when he is hungry or if feeling discomfort. So make a habit of noticing every pattern of your baby and responding to him immediately, as this makes your baby feel that you care and love him, and he can rely on you for any discomfort and will find that he is safe in that place.

Encourage Interactive activities

Your interactions with the baby help him to improve his learning. Activities helpful for brain development of the baby are read storybooks to your baby, sing for him, talk to him, and share what’s going on in the house or surrounding or what is going to happen. You can also tie some toys and a mirror on top of the cradle so that your baby can play with it. This will help your baby to focus on an abject and also improve his grasping.

Help to explore new things

Exploring different things help your baby to learn and grow. You can take your baby out for a walk so that he can come to know about various things in his surrounding. You can talk to your baby and show him different objects, birds, or animals in the garden. When you are at home, your baby can explore the things in the drawers, or even you can teach him few things like picking toys and putting them in the basket or exploring the hidden things behind any object.

Healthy Food

Last but not least, healthy food also plays a vital role in the development of your baby’s brain. There are certain food for development of the baby brain, which you need to give every day to your baby so that he gets all the nutrition required to grow him physically and especially intellectually.

Wrap Up

Babies intellectual starts to develop each month slowly until the age of 5. It’s very important to help your baby learn new things at this stage so that he can learn new words, develop his vocabulary, and also become mentally active. Brain development of the baby is also important as his physical growth, so I hope this article has helped you understand what all you can do to each month to improve the brain or intellectual of your baby.

If you know any other way to boost the intellectual in babies, then do share it with other moms in the comment section below.


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