Breast Massage Techniques That Every Women Must Know


Are you in quest of a fruitful strategy to guide you whether breast massage is effective or not? You may have come up with many questions like proper age of breast massage, suitable oil for it, proper techniques, duration of breast massage, any associated risks, complications, the best time to do breast massage, and when to discontinue.

Breast massage is very simple to start and easy to continue. It lowers down so many breast complications, and on the contrary, it leads to no complications. So many women widely accept it at your age. Breast massage reduces complications and guides you in early detection and diagnosis of any lump. Not only lumps, but it also assists you in so many other parallel benefits.

Having healthy breasts add to so much of your health benefits. Not only is your natural beauty manifolded, moreover, but healthy breasts also pave the correct path for higher self-esteem and a natural tendency to increase self-appraisal. In case you happen to undergo the pregnancy period, it becomes essential for you to take good care of them to feed your bundle of joy. After all, they shall become the sole food for your new-born for the first few months.

You can perform it by yourself, or else you can take help from a massage therapist too. Whatever option you choose, make sure to consult a physician beforehand. Breast massage is contraindicated in a few diseased conditions, so you should be aware of that. In most cases, breast massage leads to no such discomfort or pain, but you must ask a physician whether breast massage suits your body condition or not.

Breast Massage Benefits

Breast massage is useful in every way. Breast massage is beneficial at every age, but the maximum benefits it shows is in the adolescent, prenatal, and postpartum phase. You can be benefited if you continue breast massage throughout this delicate phase.

The benefits of breast massage are uncountable. Giving a proper massage to your breasts shall mold them to a perfect shape and decrease the chances of breast cancer. Below techniques and methods to assist your breast vessels in responding quickly and bringing down breast cancer chances and other complications. Breast massage stimulates blood flow and aids you with breastfeeding. You should maintain a regularity rather than massaging your breast once in a while.

1. Detection of breast cancer

It is the first and foremost benefit of breast massage as it helps to detect lumps. This allows you to discover any changes in your breasts’ size and shape and assist you in comparing the shape of both breasts. In suspected cases of cancer of the breast, lymph nodes of the same side and the opposite side should be examined.

Messaging allows your fingers to roll over the surface of your breasts and palpate it. You can palpate either lightly and deeply. If there is any lump or alien growth in your breast, you can feel that by deep palpation. Self-examination plays a vital role in breast cancer detection, as early detection and diagnosis is very crucial. Life Expectancy and survival rate is more if it is detected earlier. Any potential change and irregularities can be unearthed by self-examination.

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists states that women under 50 years discover breast cancer in more than 71% of cases.

2. Stimulating Lymphatic system

In the mammary gland, approximately 75% of lymph oozes into axillary nodes, 20% into parasternal, and the rest 5% drain into posterior intercostal nodes. A very few vessels drain from the upper quadrant of the breast into the supraclavicular nodes also, and some of them may drain into hepatic nodes as well. Lymphatic breast massage let the toxins and bacteria in the lymphatic system depart and flush out. Breast tissues extend up to your armpit, too, so don’t forget to look after that area too. Lymphatic drainage can be promoted by massaging them.

3. Facilitates lactation and breastfeeding

Quite a few times, when you struggle to feed your baby, and plenty of discomforts come in your way, then at least, you should massage your breasts before breastfeeding. Past studies have reflected that massaging breasts before breastfeeding is effective and lessens the chances of pain and discomfort. On top of that, it also initiates breast milk production and prevents congested lactiferous ducts. Moreover, the quality of milk also enriches after massaging breasts.

4. Ease muscle tension

Breast massage participates in relieving muscle tension, specific chest, shoulder, and back pain. Like back massage, breast massage brings down so many complications if it continues in the long run. In case you are a new mother and are experiencing large milk flow, having continual gorged breasts, then giving a proper warm massage can soothe your breast pain and discomfort. Muscle stiffness and fiber tensions can be smoothened by proper massaging of the concerned areas.

5. Promotes circulation

Breast massage stimulates circulation. It facilitates the blood flow of lymphatic vessels.

Breast Massage Techniques

There are useful techniques that you can choose to perform on your breasts. But beforehand, you must learn how to do breast massage properly. Side by side, you have to decide on the appropriate ways that count on the benefits you are looking for. No such specific position is required during breast massage. You can either do it in a standing position or sitting position, or lying position. Choose the most comfortable position that suits your body the most.

The breast massage techniques solely depend on the various intents like for lymph drainage, breast appearance, cancer detection, lactation, and muscle tension. Here, we are providing an exhaustive list of all the important massages. However, it is always recommended that you should take medical consultation from your gynecologist before undergoing any treatment. With the said disclaimer, Let’s unveil each of them one by one-

1. For lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic breast massage is widely accepted by women at your age. Whenever you start massaging, start with a light stroke and gently apply pressure on the lymphatic area. You can carry out the procedure on your own or under the guidance of a skilled practitioner. Commence your lymphatic massage with the axillary area because about 75% of lymph from the mammary gland drains into axillary nodes.

  • Rest your palm on your chest and extend your fingertips up to the armpit of the opposite breast
  • In a pumping motion, compress the portion you are holding with your hand.
  • Gradually move your hand downwards, followed by the same squeezing pattern.
  • Massage the whole surface of the breast and repeat it on the other breast
  • Or else, you can start massaging your right breast in an upward direction in a clockwise manner, whereas your left breast in an anti-clockwise way. This symmetry boosts the circulation in the lymphatic system.

2. For breast appearance 

Much surprising to the popular beliefs among the common folklore, there are no such considerable benefits of breast massage on breast appearance. Past studies have expressed that the breast appearance may or may not alter after an uninterrupted breast massage session. Your breasts’ size is mostly decided by the genes that you have inherited from your previous generation. If you massage your breast in early pregnancy routinely, then it can reduce the stretch marks. To achieve this, massage your breasts with suitable oil and maintain a pattern and regularity.

3. For cancer detection  

You can self-examine your breasts to detect the presence of any lump. Slowly palpate your breast to feel any abnormal growth of mass or any pain in the breast. Squeeze the nipple to unearth any unusual symptoms like discharge from the nipple or any pain or discomfort. Most importantly, you should immediately contact a physician if you find any lump, swelling, skin changes, redness, discharge from breast other than breast milk, or bulged breast lymph nodes.

  • First of all, either sit or stand in front of a mirror. Keenly look for any change in shape, size, and color of your breasts.
  • Stretch your hands and place them behind your head so that the elbows are pointing outwards
  • Massage the opposite breast with the first three fingers
  • Apply pressure gently, maintain proper posture and continue to massage in a circular motion
  • Commence your massage from the armpit. Starting from the collarbone, extend your message up to the abdomen and cover the surrounding area.
  • Repeat the same actions on both the breasts

4. For lactation

Make sure your hands are warm. Thereby, just the prior knowledge of breast massage can make it much easier to breastfeed your little bundle of joy.

  • Keep your four fingers on the top and four fingers on the bottom of your breast.
  • Now, proceed with kneading in a circular motion.
  • Slowly move your fingers forward and apply pressure gently.
  • Keep your index finger behind the base of the nipple and apply pressure lightly and rhythmically to remove breast milk.
  • You can adapt this hand expression before breastfeeding and after as well to promote lactation.
  • Cover the whole breast and repeat the same manner on each of your breasts

5. For muscle tension

 Muscle tension can be relieved by massaging on the pectoral area where pectoral muscles attach. Either you can perform it at your home, or else you can catch up with a massage therapist and ask for proper guidance regarding the same.

Following these tips will not only brew you a nice and steady breast, moreover, but these massage tips will also help you grow and maintain sustainable breast milk in case you’re a new mother with a busy schedule. Mental fatigue and physical exhaustion might lead to a shortage of lactation and other related deficiencies in breast milk production. Therefore it becomes crucial to take proper care and nurture your breasts with the comfort they truly deserve.

Breast massage serves to be very beneficial for you. Lymphatic drainage and breast appearance are the areas where breast massaging is very useful for you. Breast massage helps you a lot in the early detection of cancer. Breast massage is said to be very handy and the perfect choice for improving lactation and muscle tension.

Breast Massage Risks

Contrary to popular myths, breast massage is safe. Quite a few times, breast massage is contraindicated in a few cases to reduce further complications. You should take breast massage from a licensed massage therapist if you have undergone breast surgery or have any present medical history associated with breast. However, the risks and complications are few, but you must not neglect them.

Does breast massage effect size?

Not at all. Breast massage assists in maintaining the shape of your breasts. Many of us persist with a wrong thought in our mind regarding breast massage. Some used to speculate that breast massage can disfigure the breast’s shape and size, affecting skin elasticity and firmness. On the contrary, scientific studies reveal that none of these happens if you massage your breast. Breast massage does affect breast size.

On top of that, it causes no harm to your breast. Breast massage is beneficial in every aspect. Massaging breasts 15-20 minutes a day with almond oil reduces stretch marks, promotes circulation, facilitates lactation, and assists you in self-examination.

Where can you get a breast massage?

You can perform most of the massages by yourself. You can utilize your own space to carry out these messages. This gives you enough privacy, and you can perform this at your own home at your leisure. For instance, if you find it struggling while following instructions, you can contact a massage therapist. Among various professionals, the most preferred one is a practitioner of ayurvedic breast massage. You should always contact a licensed practitioner. You should incline towards pectoral and lymphatic focused massages. So, whenever you get in touch with a practitioner, make sure that they can perform pectoral and lymphatic focused masses very well.

Suppose you are pregnant or have a very tight and busy schedule where it is tough to find time to visit the therapist. In that case, you can always find the remedy from the internet or find some experienced person who can help you in this case within the comfort of your home.

Breast Massage Conclusion

Here, we have exhaustively discussed all the necessary and important tips and tricks to maintain healthy and proper breasts by massaging them at your disposal. Even prior medical knowledge is needed to the minimum for the homely treatment that we have mentioned here. Just corroborate the above breast massage techniques with your physician and follow them rigorously to maintain healthy breasts for a lifetime.


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