How To Prevent Diaper Blowouts

How To Prevent Diaper Blowouts

Diaper blowouts are one of the worst fears of nursing your newborn. Rather than panicking, you must know how to prevent diaper blowouts to keep your baby clean and hygienic. In younger babies, diaper blowout is quite a common incident. It is also common in those babies who wear disposable diapers because disposal diapers do not have elastic (the elastic helps prevent the spread of liquid poop to other body parts of the babies). So, in this article, let’s see how to prevent diaper blowout and keep your baby clean.

What is a diaper blowout?

Diaper blowout is the spreading of liquid poop of your baby on the back, legs, or even on the belly. In newborns, liquid poop discharge is a common issue. But if you are using disposable diapers for your baby, then due to the lack of elasticity, these diapers cannot hold the poop, thus spreading through the leakages in diapers.

Taking care of your little child is a fantastic experience. You witness their growing up, lovely smiles, and so many beautiful moments that would remain in your heart forever. However, nursing your baby comes with various experiences. It can get messier than you had ever imagined when your baby had a poop, and there is a diaper blowout.

What causes diaper blowouts?

Diaper blowouts are caused by a plethora of underlying reasons and causes. You need to identify the cause to avoid the diaper blowout of your baby. Cleaning diaper blowouts often becomes a time-consuming task in your busy life. All you need is to find out why your little one’s diaper blowout and eliminate it. Some causes are summarized here, which might help you to understand the cause and get rid of your child’s diaper blowout.

  • Imperfect diaper brand – Selecting the perfect brand for your baby’s diaper serves as a vital part because the best diapers to avoid blowout would always ensure your little one’s comfort, proper diaper fit and will prevent diaper blowouts.
  • Wrong diaper size –Choosing the accurate diaper size for your baby is very important. Many times diaper blowouts occur because your baby’s diaper’s size is not at all correct for your little one.
  • Overloaded Diaper – Diapers when overloaded, serves as a severe problem, and ultimately, it leads to diaper blowout.
  • Recovery from constipation – You must stay alert after your baby recovers from a long period of constipation because that is when your little one can experience a diaper blowout.
  • Improper placement of waistband –Wrinkling, folding, or accidentally keeping the waistband of the diaper low also results in a diaper blowout.
  • Uncomfortable clothing – When your baby is experiencing a diaper blowout, wearing uncomfortable clothes, further aggravates the problem.
  • Not holding the baby correctly – When your baby’s diaper is full, and there is not a diaper blowout, holding your baby in a certain way may cause a diaper blowout.

How to Clean a Diaper Blowout?

While diaper blowouts can be reduced, it can never be eliminated. You have to deal with your baby’s diaper blowouts at some time or the other. How to deal with dirty diapers and how to clean diapers after a blowout are the questions that must have popped up in your mind. Cleaning diaper blowouts can become a lot messy but do not worry, here are a few ideas that would guide and help you clean diaper blowouts.

How To Deal With Dirty Diapers

  • Set your baby down on a changing sheet – Carefully place your baby on a changing sheet after he/she had a blowout.
  • Carefully undress your baby – Be careful while you are undressing your baby because the poop can spread, which would make the clothes and sheet dirty and messy.
  • Cautiously clean your baby – Try to be very cautious while you are cleaning your baby. Use baby wipes to rub and clean the mess from your little one’s body.
  • Wash your baby’s back or bottom – After you have cleared the mess, give your baby a good wash in the back or bottom.
  • Bathe your baby if the mess got spread to his/her head – Do not forget to give your little one a very relaxed and comfortable bath with warm water after cleaning. If the mess got spread to his/her hair, carefully wash it with your baby’s shampoo and water.
  • Put the dirty clothes in the proper place – Do not panic or get yourself nervous, keep the dirty clothes in a bag and the dirty diaper in the diaper sack. Try to avoid keeping dirty clothes with other clothes in the laundry space.
  • Wash the dirty clothes immediately to avoid stains – If you keep dirty clothes for a long time, then they might end up having a good number of stains everywhere. Try to rinse the clothes immediately to avoid the smell and excessive stains on your little one’s clothes.
  • Holding the baby after a blowout- In this crucial situation, the way you hold your baby matters a lot. You should always avoid holding your little one from his/her bottom portion just after your baby has a blowout because that would, in fact, further aggravate the situation.

I think now you have an idea about how to deal with dirty diapers.

Tips And Tricks On How To Prevent Diaper Blowouts

Your baby’s diaper blowouts can hamper your busy daily schedule. So you should get yourself accustomed to some diaper blowout hacks, which might help you out in times of distress. Below are certain diaper blowout hacks that would help you cope up when your baby is having a diaper blowout. You should follow these given tips and tricks to eliminate your baby from having a diaper blowout.

Prevent Diaper Blowout

  • Prevent overloading – You should try to eliminate over-soaking by changing your little one’s diaper regularly if your baby has blowouts every day.
  • Use baby blowout blocker – To prevent diaper and poop explosion, the use of baby blowout blocker serves as the ultimate material to eliminate messy diaper blowouts. Diaper extenders are the perfect aid to protect your baby’s clothes and your bed from being dirty and messy. There are various types of diaper extenders available in the market, some are disposable, and some can be easily washed, you can choose the one that fits your baby’s requirement.
  • Wait for some time after your baby poops – You should always wait for a few minutes before you change the diaper after your baby poops because in some cases, your little one might not have finished, and you can end up yourself in a messy diaper blowout. So, to avoid it, wait for a few minutes after your baby poops, which will help you eliminate regular diaper blowouts.
  • Select the perfect diaper brand for your baby – If you want to eliminate diaper blowout, one thing you cannot compromise, i.e., the brand. You need to select the brand which suits your baby from the plethora of brands available in the market. You must use the best diapers to avoid blowouts.
  • Change your baby’s diaper frequently – One of the prime causes of a diaper blowout is the diaper being excessively full so, to avoid diaper blowouts, you should try to change your baby’s diaper frequently.
  • Shift to a size big clothing for your baby –If your baby has blowouts every dayone small change might help you prevent diaper blowout of your little one is shifting your baby’s clothing to a bigger size than the normal size. A bigger clothing size will ensure that your baby is comfortable and proper diaper fit, which will prevent your little one’s diaper blowouts.
  • Observe your baby closely – If you want to prevent your baby from experiencing a diaper blowout and a huge mess, you should keep a close eye on your baby. So even if a diaper blowout happens accidentally, you can clean it before it gets messier.
  • Be very careful while putting on the diaper’s leg cuffs – Quite a few times, you must have experienced after a diaper blowout legs get messy and dirty. To prevent such incidents after a diaper blowouts legs getting dirty, you should slip your finger and always ensure that the cuffs around the leg are not very tight and proper diaper fit. This will help you a lot to prevent diaper and poop explosion.
  • Holding your baby correctly – You should always hold your baby in a balanced way. In many cases, when your baby’s diaper is full, you might not have held your baby properly, which had finally resulted in a diaper blowout of your little one.
  • Exact diaper size – Selecting the appropriate diaper size for your baby is very important if you want to eliminate diaper blowouts.
  • Consult your baby’s pediatrician – If you feel that your baby has blowouts every day, you should not delay anymore and take a visit to your baby’s pediatrician to avoid further complications.
  • Changing your baby’s diaper silently if he or she is a heavy wetter – If your little one happens to be a heavy wetter, all you need do is change his or her diaper silently while your little one is in a deep sleep. This trick would help you to eliminate your baby’s diaper blowouts.
  • Properly place the waistband – You should always ensure that your baby’s diaper’s waistband is not folded or wrinkled. The diaper’s waistband should be appropriately placed, which would prevent diaper blowouts from taking place daily.
  • If you are breastfeeding and your baby gets diaper blowouts regularly, consult a doctor – As you are breastfeeding your baby, your food habits can also affect your little one’s health. If you notice that your baby experiences diaper blowouts every now and then, the reason can also be your diet. You can consult a doctor and dietician who would guide you to better food habits during the days when you are breastfeeding, which would be beneficial for you and your baby’s health, ensuring proper digestion of your baby which would finally help a lot to reduce frequent diaper blowouts.

Baby Diaper Blowout Conclusion

Managing your baby when your little one experiences a diaper blowout can be troublesome, but if you try to deal with it with a calm mind, it becomes a lot easier to manage. All you need is to follow some straightforward steps while cleaning your baby after a diaper blowout. I think now you know how to prevent diaper blowouts.

If you know any other way to prevent the diaper blowout, then share it with other moms in the comment section below.


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