How To Properly Hold a Newborn Baby

How To Properly Hold a Newborn Baby

Holding a newborn baby for the first time is quite a nervous feeling to all of us, and we often feel stressed while holding them with love. Babies are not heavy, and hence you can handle them with ease. So if you are holding the baby for the first time, then you need not worry now, as we have come with various baby holding positions that can help you to hold a newborn baby safely in an appropriate way.

Create a bond with the baby

Create a Bond With the Baby

Creating a special relationship with the baby is essential as they can connect with you, and also it will help you to understand what they want to convey to you like what they feel. Creating a bond while holding a baby is the best way, as you can sing a song, talk to them, read the stories to them, and entertain them. Doing it will enhance your baby’s mood, and even your baby will interact and enjoy the alone time with you.

How to hold a newborn baby correctly?

While holding the baby for the first time, be careful and provide support to the head and neck, as the baby’s head is the most massive part of their body and so they are not able to balance it. Now you may be wondering how to hold baby during takeoff and landing? The basic rule for holding a baby up is by placing one hand below his head and the other below his bottoms. The same rule applies while carrying the baby as well as keeping him on the bed. Below is the solution to your concern about how to hold a newborn baby properly,  as per your comfort.

1. Shoulder baby hold

Shoulder Hold Baby

Baby’s feel more secure and relaxed when they are in close contact with your body. While carrying a baby on the chest in this way, use the basic rule of holding the baby that is placing one hand under the baby’s bottoms and another hand to support baby’s head and neck. Make sure that the baby is facing outwards so that it becomes easy for him to breathe.

2. Cradle hold baby

Cradle Hold Baby

It is the most preferred position by most of the moms while breastfeeding a baby. To carrying newborn in a cradle position, lift the baby by placing one hand under their head and other below baby’s bottom. Then bring baby near to your chest and rotate slightly in a way that your baby’s body is horizontally near your chest supported by your dominant hand, and the other hand placed below supporting his back.

3. Belly hold baby

This pose is best when you want to burp your baby or when you want to release gas out of your baby, as it becomes easy to pat their back slowly. For cradling the baby, bring your baby close to your chest with one hand below their bottom and the other arm to hold his head and neck. Then slightly turn your baby with one hand and hold the baby on the stomach, but make sure that you are holding baby firmly with your other arm, and his legs stretched beside your forearm and his head resting on your forearm.

4.  Newborn football hold

It is a comfortable position for breastfeeding a baby while sitting as well as standing. This position is the same as the cradle hold, and the only difference is that in a football hold, the baby’s legs are placed in the inner side of your forearms while in the cradle hold the baby’s legs rest on your forearms.

5. Lap hold baby

Lap Hold Baby

To hold the baby in this position, place baby on your lap with his head pointing towards your knees facing upwards and his legs towards your waist. Then lift your baby’s head with both the hands for support and from below the baby’s back hold the baby with your arms at the same time. Also,  the baby’s legs will be towards your waist.

6. “Hello world” baby hold

Hello World Baby Hold

If you want to let your baby look at what is going around, then this pose is the perfect one. To hold a baby in this position, place one hand on your baby’s chest and the other hand below his bottom. If the baby is very small then make sure that your baby’s head is touched to your chest so that his head is balanced. You can also hold your baby in this position while sitting.

7. Holding Baby on Hip

Hip Side Baby Hold

People usually have a question on how to hold a baby on your hip in a proper way. If your baby has grown a little older and can balance his head, then you can hold your baby in this position. It is also beneficial while doing other tasks. To hold a baby in this pose, place your baby’s midsection on your waist with his legs apart on your thighs or abdomen. Provide support to your baby’s back and legs from behind with one hand, and if your baby wants extra support, then you can use your other hand as well.

8. Face to face baby hold

This pose is best if you’re going to interact with your baby and entertain him. To hold the baby in this position, carry your baby with the forearm of one hand supporting his head and back and the other hand supporting his waist. Bring the baby below your chest with his face facing you.

Tips on how to safely hold a newborn baby

  • Before carrying your baby, pay attention to your baby’s mood, and if he is feeling uncomfortable, then change the position of catching him. Here are some tips that are essential to consider while holding a baby.
  • If you are feeling nervous while carrying the baby for the first time, it sitting and holding him is a good option.
  • Always hold the baby with both hands.
  • Do not carry other things or perform multitasks while holding a baby.
  • If you want to carry your baby without holding him, then opt for a baby carrier as per your comfort.
  • Make sure that your baby is in a comfortable position to breathe while you hold him.
  • Provide newborn baby neck support as they can’t handle it on their own.

A newborn should be handled with extensive care as they are very delicate. So these were some of the ways on how to properly carry a baby. I hope you’ll found these positions helpful.

Do share with other readers your ways to hold a newborn baby in the comments below.


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