Top 10 Newborn Baby Tips For Dads

Newborn Baby Tips For Dads

Becoming a dad for the first time is the most overwhelming experience as well as a challenging task in one’s life. You may always have a question of how to be a good father to a newborn, and so become very careful while doing any activities. You may sometimes panic for doing small things which you don’t know, and even sometimes may wonder how to do certain things appropriately and from where to start it. But, now you don’t have to worry about it anymore as in this article I am going to share with you’ll some helpful newborn baby tips for dads which are useful in the long run.

Here are the newborn baby tips for dads or you can say dad to be checklist.

1. Care from the beginning

It will be great if you start caring for your baby from the day of his birth. You can make it a daily habit for doing small needful things of your baby like dressing, changing diapers, bathing, playing with them, and even settling them to sleep after they have their food. Doing all these activities will slowly create a sweet bond between you and your baby and will also help you to understand your baby’s habits. Furthermore, caring for your baby will give a break to your wife to relax for a while.

2. Understand baby’s cues

Babies don’t speak, and so they try to give cues or signals if they want something or if they dislike something. But you have to try to understand newborn baby cues or signals to find out what your baby exactly needs. Every baby is different and may sometimes have different ways of showing their needs. Here are some common cues which can help you to understand what your baby needs.

a. When your baby wants your attention

  • Your baby will make eye contact with you if he/she wants you to cuddle them.
  • Your baby will turn his/her head and eyes towards you to get your attention.
  • Your baby will reach out to you if he/she wants to get your attention.

b. When your baby wants a change or a break from you

  • When you go near your baby, and if he/she turns in another direction, that means they don’t want you to cuddle him/her and need a break.
  • If you take your baby in your arms and if he/she pushes their body back and cries, that means they want a break from you and want to remain in bed.

c. Baby Tired Cues

  • Your baby will start crying if he/she is tired and wants to sleep, and even they cry when they are hungry. Also, you must spend little time in bed with your baby to settle them till they sleep. Singing a lullaby will also help to quickly put your baby to sleep.
  • When your baby is yawning or rubbing his/her eyes means you must put them to sleep.

Understanding baby cues is one of the important newborn baby tips for dads and they must try to predict what the baby is saying or feeling to create a great bonding.

3. Putting baby to sleep

Babies usually sleep on their own, but sometimes they require your pampering to go to bed. When it’s your baby’s bedtime, you can lie him/her on the bed and slowly pat on his/her stomach, or you can carry him/her on your shoulder and pat on his/her back, also rocking baby to sleep works great and as by doing this they can feel your love and comfort at the same time. It would be great if you sing a song or hymn for your baby, as this can create a lovely bond between you both. In the initial phase, sleeping with the baby on the bed until they sleep is a good practice, as this builds trust between you and your baby.

4. Changing newborn baby diaper

Baby’s cry when their diaper becomes wet, and this is the cue that you need to change the diaper. Before putting the new diaper on, keep all the things you need closer to you so that it becomes easy for you to wind up the process. First, lay your baby on the bed facing towards you, then remove the dirty diaper and keep it aside. Take the wipes or tissues and clean the area. If you have a baby girl, then wipe from front to back and if you have a baby boy, then wipe from the berries. After cleaning the area, lift the baby from the bottom and place the new unfold diaper below your baby’s butt and tighten the straps as needed. Also, note that the newborn diaper change frequency varies, so you don’t have to panic if your baby has not peed or pooped during that period. This is another essential newborn baby tips for dads that must be considered.

5. Burping your baby

Babies inhale a lot of air while eating or drinking their food. So to get this air bubbles out, you need to burp the baby after feeding. There are various baby burping positions that you can follow like you can make your baby sit on your lap facing sideways and then place your palm on their chest and hold the chin with the thumb and the index finger. With the other hand, pat gently on your baby’s back until the burps come out.

6. Talk to your baby

Make a habit of talking with your baby as much as you can. For example, you can speak to them while changing their diaper, feeding, massaging, and even while playing with him/her. Encouraging the baby to talk not only strengthens your relationship with your toddler but also helps the baby to learn new words and language.

7. Connect to your baby through physical touch

Babies usually like when their parents take them in their arms and cuddle them with love, play with them. Doing this increases the trust between you two, and even your baby feels safe and develops a strong bond with you. This kind of bonding also helps stimulate the development of your baby’s brain. This is also one of the important newborn baby tips for dads that must be considered.

8. Taking newborn out of the house

During the evening, when there is no sun outside, taking the baby for a walk can relax your baby and make him feel fresh. This can make your baby feel fresh and can he/she can enjoy spending quality time with you. Make sure before taking your baby out you apply some moisturizer on his/her skin and wear him/her full sleeves clothes, so that their skin doesn’t get damaged due to dust or harmful pollutants in the air.

9. Help your partner to feed your baby

For your newborn baby, breast milk is the best food from which he/she can get all the essential nutrients required for their development. Even for your partner, it will be a new experience, and might find it sometimes difficult to handle your baby while feeding. You can help your partner by holding the baby while breastfeeding so that it becomes easy for your baby to drink the milk. You can also help her by giving her whatever she needs.

10. Ask for help

If you are getting ready to be a dad then it’s a  good practice to take the help of the experts or the people who have the experience instead of messing with things. You can observe your wife when doing all the baby’s tasks, as it can help you to perform them with ease. If you are finding any difficulty in performing any baby’s activity, then take the help of your wife and ask her your doubts if you have any.


First-time dads need more practice to deal with the babies and that’s why we have come with the essential newborn baby tips for dads as mentioned above. The more you spend time with your bundle of joy, the more you get to know him/her.

I hope you found this newborn baby tips for dads article helpful. If you have any other tips for dads, then do let us know in the comment section below.



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