Pregnancy Meditation: Everything You Need To Know


Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a woman’s life. This comes with a lot of physical and emotional issues as the pregnancy hormones disturb you in regular intervals. Changes in hormones lead to nausea, vomiting, food cravings, mood swings, etc. Besides all these health problems, external matters such as getting a maternity leave from the office, shopping for the child, doctor’s appointments, planning the nursery, etc everything gets lined up. Expecting a child may toll your physical and mental health which is why expecting mothers get anxious and worry about their developing child. But remember, this is just for the next nine months. You will forget everything once you hold your bundle of joy in your hands.

To deal with these issues, all you need to do is meditate. This is the only way that will remove your stress and will compose you back to normal. Sit silently aside for few minutes, concentrate on your breathing and remove all the negative thoughts from your mind, you will feel refreshed, revitalized, and all set to tackle your to-do list of the day.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is a natural medicine that has been followed for many years. While performing meditation, a pregnant woman needs to focus her mind on an object, her breathing process, chant or mantra, or a thought to achieve awareness and attention for a specific time. When this is done for a longer period it gives positive benefits to pregnant moms.

Researches reveal that women who perform early pregnancy meditation can implement carefulness during their expecting period, enjoy low depression levels and anxiety compared to those women who don’t. In fact, women who want to become pregnant can also do meditation to get pregnant. Most of the time, women get overwhelmed and anxious during pregnancy, which is quite obvious. This build-up extreme anxiety levels and stress which is quite harmful to the mother, baby, and partner.

Meditation clears your mind from all these passing thoughts and lets you find your inner peace so that you can feel yourself and your baby through mental focus.

What Are The Benefits Of Meditation During Pregnancy?

According to a study in the gynecology journal, pre-pregnancy meditation and early pregnancy meditation with yoga practice reduce stress and anxiety throughout the pregnancy period. Further, it provides a positive feeling with which women can endure labor pain and feel more positive during their childbirth. Below described few more important reasons for pregnancy meditation.

1. Easy labor

Every woman during their last trimester feels stressed and anxious about their delivery. But you can overcome this issue by meditating regularly. Meditation during labor helps in bringing positive vibes which leads to reduction of fear and decreases the insight of pain which helps you to endure labor, easy baby birth, and remain positive throughout the pregnancy period.

2. Minimizes stress

Researches show that pregnancy stress has a huge impact on the developing child. Physically, it can result in low birth weight and premature delivery, and mentally it creates a psychological imbalance of the child as there is a link between the mental stress of the mothers and the baby. Through meditation, such kind of complications can be reduced.

3. Balance blood pressure and heart rate

During meditation, deep breathing can normalize the heart rates and regular the blood pressure which is very essential for the newborn baby and mother to stay fit and healthy throughout the pregnancy.

4. Pregnancy meditation to connect with baby

The benefits of mindfulness meditation are it allows pregnant women to remain aware of their bodies and stay connected with their babies.

5. Delivering happier babies

Mothers who have thoroughly performed meditation during their pregnancy are self-regulated and full of positivity. This will help you to give birth to a happier and healthier baby which will give you relaxed parenting.

6. High chances of normal delivery

Doctors advice to do meditation for labour pain if you choose normal over c-section delivery. Pregnancy meditation and mindfulness training routine during the pregnancy period helps in the development and movement of the baby resulting in a safe and normal delivery at the end of the trimester.

7. Reduces anxiety and depression

Practicing meditation regularly during the pregnancy reduces anxiety and depression which protects new mothers from having postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety after delivery.

8. Good sleep

Pregnancy meditation reduces sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, gastroesophageal reflux disorder, etc that arises as a common problem during pregnancy. Pregnant women who practice meditation get a relaxing sleep than others who don’t.

9. Managing pain during labor

According to the doctors, pregnancy meditations help in reducing the intensity of labor pain by 50% for those who have practiced mindfulness meditation routines. It not only helps in pain reduction but also for postpartum issues.

10. Immunity booster

Meditation helps in boosting the body’s immune system which helps you and your baby to protect from immune-related problems after delivery.

Is There Any Risk Of Meditating While Pregnant?

Pregnancy meditation is considered to be a safe healing option for the body and mind of expecting mothers. If the pregnant women have some issues of mental or psychiatric disorders then it might cause serious trouble. For that, you need to consult your doctor or meditation instructor if you want to continue meditation in such a condition.

Bad posture during meditation might also cause risk to your body parts and might give unnecessary pressure to the unborn baby. For this, you need to add comfortable pillows to readjust your sitting posture, especially when your baby bump develops.

Some major side effects of meditation during pregnancy are as follows:

  • Feeling delusional after meditation
  • Many new moms saw blurred visions, illusions, and lights (which were not present)
  • Might become anti-social and behave abnormally
  • Loss of interest in doing activities that you enjoy to do mostly
  • Might experience some physical side-effects such as weakness, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and intestinal issues.
  • Do not take quick decisions on important issues after meditation. You might get into the wrong things.
  • Stop doing meditation, if you are upset, sitting in a noisy place or if someone is disturbing you as you may get stressed more.
  • Stop meditating if you are not interested in meditation. Don’t force yourself to do any such thing that you are not interested to do in this stage.
  • Arouse memories and emotions related to your past might create a negative impact on you and your baby.

What Meditation Techniques Should You Do During Pregnancy?

There are many meditation forms adopted by people to achieve mental and spiritual goals. But the techniques and process of meditation for pregnant women are slightly different than normal people. These techniques are practiced regularly to get physical and mental consistency.

Here are six meditation techniques to try during pregnancy:

1. Deep breathing Meditation

Deep breathing meditation focuses on your breathing pattern. It relaxes your muscles, stabilizes heart rate and blood pressure, and makes you take a deep sleep.

For this procedure, you need to lie down keeping your hands and legs apart from each other. Close your eyes and mouth and breathe through your nose. The baby bump rises as you inhale oxygen into your lungs and diaphragm. Hold your breath for 10 to 15 seconds and then exhale the air through your nose.

This process is helpful for you to continue during and after the second trimester or when you feel uncomfortable meditating in a sitting position.

2. Concept or guided meditation

Concept meditation is all about visualizing a picture or an object. The picture might be a spiritual one that is a symbol of “Om” or “Swastik”. An object might be a flower, green leaves, sky, colored light, crystal, etc. Practicing this meditation process will help you to stay calm and focused on the image or object silently.

3. Walking meditation

Here you choose a quiet area to walk so that you can focus on your breath and its speed. Practicing this method will make your restless body and mind calm and be more effective in keeping focus and remaining active during the baby’s birth.

4. Mantra meditation/ Pregnancy meditation music

This meditation uses a sound or a prayer to focus on it. Chanting a Mantra or spiritual music, especially Omkara or “Om” mantra, helps you focus on your body’s energy centers.

You can also make your Mantra or phrase, which you can recite calmly. This will pervade your self-consciousness and will make you grasp your own powerful words which will help you to overcome difficult labor or pregnancy.

5. Third eye meditation

Third eye meditation is one of the oldest meditating methods. The space between your eyebrows on your forehead is known as the third eye where the pineal gland is affected by the energy levels which are responsible for developing feelings of happiness and welfare. When you go through stress, just close your eyes and focus on your third eye. It will relax your forehead muscles and make you calm.

6. Progressive muscle relaxation

The progressive muscle relaxation technique is an advanced meditation procedure that needs time to suit your body. Practicing this meditation technique during pregnancy will help you to relax your body and mind during your night’s sleep.

 Lie down on your back, release your body muscles and make them relax very slowly. Stay focused on a group of your body muscles for some time and then keep on changing to another set of muscles. Initially start by releasing your two hands, followed by shoulders, chest, face, belly, legs, and then feet.

This meditation technique might look safe and easy but it is quite difficult and need guidance and practice to get maximum benefits.

Meditation Techniques You Should Avoid During Labor

During labor, you might go through a lot of pain, so sitting or standing somewhere in a calm place and doing meditation is quite an irrelevant job. But if you are going through stabled labor or preparing yourself for delivery, then you can try doing deep breathing meditation, mindfulness meditation, visualizing meditation, and progressive muscle relaxation meditation.

The meditation techniques that you should avoid during your labor are as follows:

  • Mantra meditation
  • Walking meditation
  • Deep belly meditation

Pregnancy Meditation Tips

Whether you are a regular meditator or doing meditation for the first time, it is very important to make meditation a habit during pregnancy as it creates wonders for your mental and physical health. Pregnancy meditation can happen successfully with a developing belly, sore back, weighted body, swollen feet.

Let us know how you can find your way to remain relaxed peaceful and get connected with your child than ever.

1. Meditation position

It is quite difficult to get a comfortable position while meditating as you need to concentrate on your breathing. Mostly meditation is done while sitting straight which is quite possible in your first and second trimester but when you enter your third trimester, you feel pain and discomfort due to your huge belly. All you can do then is lie down on your side, putting a pillow between your legs, and relax.

2. Concentrate on your belly

As a mother, you always find ways to connect with your newly born baby, which is only possible while performing meditation. Start breathing while keeping both hands on your belly and hold your bump. You can feel the baby’s movement, warmth and feel what is happening inside your bump.

3. Deep breathing

There are many breathing techniques adopted during the meditation process but the deep breathing technique is more suitable for pregnant ladies. All you need to do is close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose. Continue long deep breathing until your stomach expands with your rib cage and chest. Then exhale by emptying your chest, rib cage, and then your bump.

4. Start chanting a mantra

While performing meditation pick up a mantra and start repeating it. This will make you calm and develop your inspirational and spiritual capabilities. It feels your self conscious by letting you grasp the powerful meaning of the mantras.

5. Meditate regularly

Feel free to add meditation into your routine and do it regularly. This will help you in paying attention to your child and make you feel relaxed in each session. Besides meditation performing few exercises will also make you relax and give you the energy to do tough daily works easily.

6. Search for a guide to know more about pregnancy meditations

If you are a newbie to meditation, then visit a meditation studio or hire a local yoga instructor to get proper meditation training under their guidance. If you do not get any meditation class near you, then download a meditation app or follow online websites or articles to take proper instructions on how to meditate comfortably at your home.

Besides this, you must follow these guidelines while practicing meditation during pregnancy:

  • Learn the Pregnancy meditation techniques from a yoga teacher
  • Performing meditation every day, early morning, and at a particular time is mandatory.
  • Select a quiet place where no one will disturb you. If you are selecting a place inside your home then choose an area with proper ventilation. An open garden or a large balcony is also a good option.
  • Sit straight with an erect spinal cord and neck.
  • Keep a hand posture (mudra) and recite a mantra.
  • Start meditating initially for 5 minutes then increase your meditating time as for your choice and need.
  • Always go for meditation before taking your meals, i.e. before breakfast or before dinner

When To Call a Doctor

After testing positive for pregnancy, take a doctor’s appointment to know about how your body is coping with the baby, the exact conceiving date, and other do’s and don’ts to do during pregnancy.

Meditation is a healthier routine to continue before and after being pregnant. Meditation makes your mind stress-free during pregnancy, provides strength to cope with physical pain, makes you relax and increase your concentration, stabilizes your heart rate and blood pressure. It is also useful to treat depression, anxiety, and hormonal imbalances during pregnancy. A proper diet, meditation routine, and mild exercises can help you to treat pregnancy mood swings happening each day.

It is also essential to take medicines, conduct different tests and take therapies, if needed, to get immediate and best solutions.

So you must consult a doctor or health care specialists who can treat you for the same and keep you and your baby out of danger.

To remain on the safer side, visit your doctor at least

  • Once every four weeks
  • Once every two weeks
  • Once a week, till delivery


If you have read the above article, then it is clear that you are quite interested in practicing meditation to experience actual pleasure and comfort. Meditation before getting pregnant balances your hormonal imbalance which helps you to conceive. Meditation after conception develops a fundamental axis on our body, so it is essential to depend on perfect meditation methods to get maximum benefit during that period.

Pregnancy meditation has immense benefits and your unborn child will get all those from its practice. So what you are waiting for? Go and give a try to meditation as it is free and super simple.

Let us know your views on meditation for a healthy pregnancy


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