Best 17 Pregnancy Tips For First Time Moms

Pregnancy Tips For First Time Moms

Being pregnant is the most beautiful experience for all the first time mums, and during that phase, you need to take special care of yourself and your baby. If you think that you are pregnant, then you should take a home test using a pregnancy kit to ensure proper care is taken. Apart from the doctor’s medications, you need to maintain a balanced diet for pregnancy to keep yourself and your baby healthy. So today, in this article, I am going to share with you some early pregnancy care tips for living a healthy lifestyle in your pregnancy phase.

Here Are Some Pregnancy Tips For First Time Moms

1. Consult a doctor

Consult doctor during pregnancy

As soon as you come to know that you are pregnant, you should consult a doctor so that he/she can give you proper medications and a proper diet plan that needs to be followed from the start till the end of the pregnancy phase. Always talk to your doctor about your previous or hereditary medical issues so that you and your baby can get the appropriate treatment for it.

2. Exercise

Regular exercising is beneficial for you as well as your baby, and it has various benefits as below:

  • It reduces the complications that occur during the time of pregnancy, such as high blood pressure.
  • It helps to cope with the posture and strains in the joints during the pregnancy.
  • Increases the chances of giving birth to a child normally rather than surgery.
  • It boosts your mood if you are feeling low.
  • It helps to get your curves back after the baby is born.
  • It helps you to maintain your weight.

You can take a pregnancy class or even go for a walk for 15-20 min in a shaded place. Some of the exercises that are beneficial during pregnancy are pilates, yoga, swimming, and walking. But before performing any exercise, you should consult your doctor and listen to your body and don’t overdo it.

3. Eliminate the intake of toxins

During pregnancy, you should avoid the intake of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, any solvents like the whitener, paint thinner, etc as this can lead to a miscarriage, defects in the baby and other problems and increase the intake of pregnancy health drinks. Also, intaking cigarettes can supply less amount of oxygen to the baby, which can cause suffocation. 

If you are more addicted to toxins and find it difficult to stop its intake, then you should inform your doctor in the very first appointment about it, as he/she can guide through appropriate programs that helps the pregnant woman to stop smoking. 

4. Eat Well

When you are pregnant, whatever you eat or drink is supplied to your baby so healthy eating in pregnancy is very important. Even the actions you do or the activities you perform are reflected on your baby. So it’s essential to take proper care of your health during that phase. To maintain a food diet during pregnancy, you must eat pregnancy health food like fruits, vegetables, fish, and dairy food regularly. Also, you must drink plenty of water, as the increase in the water level helps to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. You can also drink canned juices that are good for your health.

Check Pregnancy Food Tips to know which food is beneficial to you during pregnancy.

5. Avoid risky tasks

Performing household chores is an excellent job as it becomes a part of the exercise for the mums. But cut off some dangerous tasks from your daily to-do list as it may be harmful to you and your baby. 

  • Stop doing the below tasks:
  • Climbing the stools and ladders.
  • Lifting heavy objects.
  • Using harsh chemicals for cleaning the floors.
  • Cleaning the pet litter.
  • Standing for an extended period, especially near the hot gas stove.

6. Check your medications

During pregnancy, before taking any medications even for little illness, always consult a doctor as he can guide you on how many tablets will be effective and appropriate during pregnancy. Also, avoid experimenting with natural remedies to cure the illness. Take the medications prescribed by the doctor at the proper time suggested by the doctor. 

7. Eat food rich in folic acid

Folic acid is very essential for the proper development of the baby’s neural tube and the creation of the red blood cells. Include food rich in folic acid in your food diet during pregnancy, so that you can get the essential nutrients required for the body.

Food that contains Folic acid are

  • Legumes
  • Asparagus
  • Eggs
  • Green Vegetables
  • Beetroot
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Brussels Sprout
  • Broccoli
  • Avocado

8. Stay Clean

Maintaining cleanliness is a good practice all the time, especially when you are pregnant. Always wash your hand before eating as well as wash the vegetables and fruits as the germs can be consumed with the food, which may cause harm to the baby as well. You can even use an Ethyl alcohol-based sanitizer to wash your hands if the washbasin is not available nearby. 

9. Travel Smart

Before planning a trip always consult your doctor, so that he/she can guide you the right time for going on the trip. Avoid traveling on the road containing potholes as it can cause harsh movements that can harm your baby. Also, while traveling by car properly put the safety belt. The belt should be placed on the collar bone and taken from below the abdomen across the thighs, also take care that you are sitting far from the airbags. Avoid sitting for a long time as this can help to prevent the blood clots.

10. Gain knowledge related to pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy Tips

You must always read books or read online various articles related to pregnancy as you can gain knowledge from it about what is beneficial for you and your baby and what is not. You can also join a childbirth class in your area as the experts can guide you properly throughout the pregnancy journey. Also, consulting the doctor will be a great choice, but be open to the doctor regarding your allergies or past pregnancy issues.

11. Practice Kegels

Labor Tips For First Time Moms

This is one of the best exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles, bladder and uterus. This is very easy to perform and can be done even in a public place. To begin this exercise squeeze the abdomen as you do when you are in hurry for peeing. Hold the breath for seconds and release it. Repeat the procedure a few times.

12. Track your weight

Early Pregnancy Tips

Gaining weight during pregnancy is the usual thing, but being overweight is harmful to your baby and also being underweight can cause defects in the baby. The body mass index of a pregnant lady with one baby is measured as:

  • Underweight: Gain 28-40 pounds
  • Normal weight: Gain 25-35 pounds
  • Overweight: Gain 15-25 pounds
  • Obese: Gain 11-20 pounds

Always consult your doctor and schedule regular checkups to ensure that the baby remains healthy.

13. Drink plenty of water

Food Diet During Pregnancy

Drinking a lot of water during pregnancy is very essential as it supplies oxygen to the baby and flushes away carbon dioxide and toxins. It also increases the volume of the blood. Drink 8-10 glasses of water in a day and if you don’t feel like drinking plain water then you can squeeze a lemon in it.

14. Know about Postpartum Depression

Balanced Diet For Pregnancy

During pregnancy, 10-20 percent of the women face depression which is not suitable for the health of the baby. So if you are facing depression then consult the doctor and take the prescribed medications on time.

15. Eat Fish

Healthy Food For Pregnancy

Fish contains a high amount of Omega 3s which are very essential for the development of the baby’s brain. Also, a study in 2007 has shown that the moms who has eaten fish during the pregnancy gave birth to baby’s having a high IQ. A pregnant woman is recommended to eat 12 ounces per week. Avoid eating fish which contains high mercury like shark, swordfish, mackerel.

16. Take care of yourself

Signs Of Healthy Pregnancy

During pregnancy you may sometimes feel stressed, so it’s very important to take out some time for yourself and pamper yourself. Sleeping for 8 hours is a must during pregnancy and if it’s not possible for you to get a good sleep at late night then take small naps in the day time. Try to do things that make you feel relaxed like go for a spa or on a walk or in the salon as doing things you like can make you feel de-stressed which is beneficial to you and your baby.

17. Write Birth Plan

As soon as you know that you are pregnant, start writing the birth plan which will help you to decide how you want your pregnancy phase to go. You can list down various things that can be included in the birth plan like:

  • What kind of clothes will you love to wear.
  • From whom do you want gifts from and what type of gift.
  • What procedures you want to avoid.
  • Which position would you like hile giving birth to your baby.
  • What type of clothes would you like to wear
  • What would you like to spend more time
  • What is the further step if any complication arises during pregnancy.

Questions to ask your doctor during pregnancy

Always ask questions that come to your mind so that your doctor can clear all your doubts and help you in maintaining proper health.

  • What counter medications are safe for me to use?
  • How much weight should I gain during pregnancy?
  • What exercise should I perform during pregnancy?
  • Which vaccinations are necessary and when to get them?
  • How long can I work?
  • What beauty or skin products should I use?
  • What should I eat and avoid eating?
  • Which pregnancy symptoms are normal and which are emergency?
  • What are the signs of a healthy pregnancy?
  • What are the signs of a healthy baby during pregnancy?

Wrap Up

During pregnancy, special care must be taken in the first few months to avoid miscarriage or other problems. Also, you have to be careful while eating food. There are various healthy foods for pregnancy that the moms should consume to make their baby healthy and should avoid the food that can cause harm to their baby and may sometimes create defects in the baby. So, these were some of the early pregnancy tips for first time moms. I hope you’ll found it helpful.

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