Top 10 Tips For New Parents

Top Tips For New Parents

The arrival of a baby is the delighting moment in your life, and with this happiness also comes the responsibility of becoming a good parent. Newborns are very delicate and require a lot of attention and care to protect them from dust and other infections. You may get a lot of advice, or you can say tips from family members, friends, and relatives regarding baby care which can make you stressed and worried. But caring for your baby is not that difficult if done together with your partner. In this article, we have come up with various tips for new parents that can help them in taking proper care of their baby.

Tips For First Time Parents

Here are some of the tips for new parents

1. Maintain Good Hygiene

Newborns are very delicate and are prone to allergies and infections quickly.

  • Try to maintain cleanliness in your house and also around your baby.
  • Wash your hands with handwash or sanitizer before carrying your baby, playing with him, or feeding him.
  • Sterilize your baby’s toys, as they have the habit of throwing everything anywhere, and this may result in the intake of germs.

2. Handling a newborn baby

Handling a Newborn Baby

Babies are very fragile and need to be handled with care. This is one of the important tips for new parents that must be considered as a priority.

  • Whenever you pick your baby, hold them in a way that provides support to their head and neck.
  • If you are taking your baby out of home, then make sure you have applied the moisturizer and wore them full sleeves so that they don’t get sunburns.
  • While playing with your baby, do not shake your baby much or bounce him in the air.
  • If you want to wake your baby then instead of shaking you can tickle your baby’s feet or gently blow on the cheek.

3. Newborn Umbilical Cord Care

Newborn Umbilical Cord Care

Baby cord care in newborns is necessary. It takes around 1-4 weeks to heal the cord completely. During this period, do not bathe your baby with the water or wet his naval in the water. You can sponge bath your baby to maintain hygiene. Consult your doctor immediately if you see any changes in the naval.

4. Soothing baby

Soothing Baby To Sleep

Babies cry for various reasons, and so you have to calm them down by trying different ways. The first thing you should try is to figure out the reason behind your baby’s cry. Babies usually cry when they are hungry, when their diaper is dirty, they want to burp, or they want you to soothe them through your gentle touch.
To soothe your baby try the below-mentioned activities:

  • Swaddle your baby
  • Entertain them
  • Give them their finger to suck
  • Take them out for a change
  • Swing them
  • Sing a song or hymn
  • Massage your baby

5. Ask others for help

This is another one of the essential tips for new parents which shouldn’t be ignored, because being a parent for the first time is a unique experience, and so you might not know few things that are essential while taking care of your newborn. It’s a good practice to seek the help of other people who have babies, as they can guide you properly if you have any doubts. Also, if you have a specific concern and that is worrying you, then you should consult the doctor immediately.

6. Talking to your newborn baby

Talking To Your Newborn Baby

Babies usually express their feelings and emotions through expressions. They initially understand what are you trying to convey to them and so try to respond to you in their way.
How to talk to your newborn baby?

  • Always say the words clearly while talking to your baby, as this can help them to recognize your language.
  • Touch your baby with love and speak to them.
  • If your baby communicates with you, then always maintain eye contact with him/her.
  • If your baby is laughing with you, then smile back and laugh with your baby, as this indicates that he is enjoying his time with you.

7. Bonding with newborn baby

Bonding With Newborn Baby

Creating a bond with your baby is very important in the initial stage as this indicates your baby that you love and care for him/her.
Way to create a bond with baby

  • Talk to your baby while changing their diaper.
  • When feeding your baby, say cute things that they would like to hear from you and praise them.
  • Give a massage to your baby.
  • Take your baby out for a walk and spend some alone time together.
  • Kiss your baby while playing or cuddling with him/her.

8. Putting baby to sleep

Putting Baby To Sleep

Soothing baby to sleep is the most significant task for all the parents in the beginning. Babies usually enjoy if you pat them slowly on their back. So while putting newborn to sleep, you should always pat them slowly on their back or stomach. Never play with your baby if he/she is feeling drowsy as this can disturb their sleep.

9. Diapering your baby

Diapering Your Baby

Baby diapering is a daily task for all moms. Diapering your baby is a good practice, but make sure that you don’t keep the dirty one on their skin for a long time, as this can cause rashes and may also harm their delicate skin. After a few days of diapering your baby, check whether the baby’s skin is free from rashes and itchiness or not. And if you notice rashes then try another brand and again if you see the rashes or redness then consult the doctor immediately.

10. Feeding your baby

Feeding Your Baby

When your baby is born, breastfeed your baby for at least 6 months, as your milk helps their bones to become stronger and also gets various nutrients from it. Then after 6 months along with breast milk, start feeding baby porridge but not solid food items. You should breastfeed your baby until your baby needs it.

Wrap Up

Babies are very delicate and require special care in the initial stage, as they can’t communicate with us directly about their requirements. So these were some tips for new parents that are very effective and can help you to take care of your baby. 


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