What are the causes of teenage pregnancy & its solutions

Causes of Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage is that phase in every girl’s life in which she has to undergo many changes physically, mentally, and sometimes emotionally. The girls at this age are grown up but not mature enough to handle their responsibilities. They can’t decide alone what is right or wrong for their well being and so they usually take the guidance of their parents or friends.

Teenage pregnancy has become more common in underdeveloped countries, but it’s also been experienced by the teens of the developed countries. In this article, let discuss in detail what are the exact causes of increasing teenage pregnancy.

Teenage Pregnancy Solutions

Causes of Teenage Pregnancy

1. Lack of knowledge or education

It is the major issue in most of the underdeveloped countries. Due to poverty, people are not able to enroll their children in schools, so they lack education and desire to achieve great heights in their lives. Due to a lack of knowledge and education, they cannot understand the good and bad things, so most of these children can be fooled around with their friends and do illegal things. The solution to this is that the government of such underdeveloped or developing countries must provide free education to poor students so that even they can learn and educate themselves in various aspects.

2. Lack of sex education and reproductive health

It is the common cause of teenage pregnancy as parents usually don’t talk to their children about sex education because they feel shy and feel that their children are still small and will learn when they grow up. Sex education is still considered taboo in our society, and so no one wants to talk about it. When parents don’t educate their children about sex, these children usually ask their friends for guidance, which can lead them to misunderstand sexual relationships. The solution is that every parent must freely talk to their teenage children and educate them about sex so that they can come to know the facts and avoid doing wrong things by taking the guidance of their friends.

3. Family or community pressure to marry at a young age

Our culture and tradition play a vital role in teenage pregnancy. In many underdeveloped or developing countries, girls are still forced to marry at a young age. In some customs and traditions, girls are married at a young age before their menstruation, and once they get their first period, they are pressured to have their baby. Many families are still tied to this old traditions even in this modern era. The solution to this is that the parents must think broader and should marry their children once they are mature enough to handle the baby and take the responsibilities.

4. Sexual violence or harassment

Sexual harassment or rape is one of the primary causes of unintended pregnancy. Every day a large number of girls are being raped, and as per the reports of Guttmacher Institute, around 42-63% of pregnant teenage girls have confirmed that they have been sexually abused. The solution to this is that the government must take strict actions against rapists to stop this sexual abuse, as the negative effects of teenage pregnancy can hamper the girl mentally and emotionally and might ruin her life.

5. Peer Pressure

Nowadays, teenage girls do everything that seems to be cool to fit in their group. They usually come under pressure or influence of their friends when deciding their sexual relationship. Sometimes due to peer pressure, some girls get involved in a sexual relationship even when they are not completely prepared for it. The solution to this is that peers, especially boys should stop bullying or pressurizing their mates to get involved in sexual intercourse.


These are the major causes of teenage pregnancy, and so parents and the government should take appropriate actions so that such kinds of pregnancies are prevented.


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