What Are The Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Most of the girls & women think that if they have missed a period, then they are pregnant. But every time this is not the reason for pregnancy, as periods can be missed due to various reasons like PCOD, taking birth control pills, eating disorders, diabetes, and certain medications.

Early signs of pregnancy are similar for teenage pregnancy as well as a normal pregnancy, but every woman may experience different symptoms. So here are some of the common pregnancy symptoms that women face.

What Are The Early Signs Of Pregnancy?

  • Missed Period

If you have regular periods every month, but if you missed it in one of the months, then you should take a pregnancy test to confirm it. Some women might experience bleeding in the starting months of the pregnancy, but it lasts only for a shorter duration. In rare cases, pregnant women may experience periods throughout their pregnancy phase.

  • Nausea or Vomiting

It is also known as morning sickness, but it can occur at any time of the day or night. Most of the women experience it in the morning, as the stomach function changes at this time. You may experience nausea within 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. The actual cause of the nausea is still not clear, but pregnancy hormones play a vital role in it.

  • Breast Tenderness

In early pregnancy, your breast may become larger as well as sore, and you may even experience tightness in the breast. Some women experience that their veins show up, and also the color of their nipple becomes dark.

  • Fatigue

You may feel tired during early pregnancy as the body produces more hormones known as progesterone, which helps in the growth of milk-producing glands in the breasts. Also, during the pregnancy phase, the heart pumps more blood to pass all the essential nutrients to the baby. Women usually experience fatigue after one week of conception.

  • Weight Gain

During pregnancy, your weight starts gaining even if you are not overeating. This extra weight will be of your baby, amniotic fluid, increased blood supply, placenta, and enlarged uterus.

  • Headache

It is the common symptom which many women face in their early pregnancy due to the sudden rise in the hormonal changes, but it goes away as by the mid-pregnancy.

  • Frequent urination

As the heart pumps the blood faster during pregnancy, so blood flow is increased in the kidney, which forms more urine in the bladder resulting in frequent urination.

  • Feeling exhausted or sleepy

In pregnancy, the girl undergoes lots of physical changes, as well as the internal organs perform their tasks with speed. The heart pumps the blood 40 % faster, the oxygen intake increases as well exhalation of carbon dioxide decreases. In early pregnancy, you may feel exhausted because of such physiological changes in the body and so may feel the need to sleep for long hours.

  • Food cravings

In pregnancy, you may desire to eat some particular types of food which you didn’t like, or sometimes you unlike the food which you ones like. Each woman has different kinds of food cravings. In rare cases, women may want to eat non-food items like soil or coal.

  • Increased vaginal discharge

Due to the high levels of estrogen placed by the placenta, the cervical glands produce more mucus. This mucus doesn’t cause any irritation or soreness in the vagina.

  • Increase in urination

Frequent urination is also one of the common problem during pregnancy, as you may feel the bladder is full and needs to be emptied. During the first week of pregnancy, our body produces a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin, which may increase the blood flow in the pelvic region, which causes frequent urination.

  • Mood swings

Due to the hormonal changes, many women experience mood swings quite often during the pregnancy phase or just after their conception.

Wrap Up

If you have missed a period and notice some of the early pregnancy symptoms so you can do a pregnancy test to confirm it else you can consult your doctor for any medical conditions.


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